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It is time for the United States to provide some much-needed clarity to the vexed jurisprudence of…
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20 days ago by khiddy
RT : dodges “serious” ethics complaint by moving to , evading jurisdiction of ethics panel over…
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5 weeks ago by DocDre
The Supreme Court: should we abolish it? - Vox
rfectly reasonable to ask if we should abolish the Supreme Court, or at the very least strip the Court of its ability to overturn laws that it rules unconstitutional. If the Court is no longer a neutral arbiter of the law, if it’s gradually shape-shifting into a partisan weapon, then maybe it’s time to rethink its role in our constitutional system.

I reached out to Mark Tushnet, a law professor at Harvard University, to talk about the case for abolishing
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9 weeks ago by Kirk510620
5 mn kg of firecrackers estimated to have been burnt in this , despite ban. India’s cap…
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10 weeks ago by Varna
Liberals' Supreme Court Opinions are Changing | National Review
That history should inform our judgment of the risks of returning to a more modest understanding of the judicial function. The country was able to enjoy the blessings of constitutional government without making nearly as extensive use of judicial review as we now do. And the distortions created by too active a judiciary, particularly in constitutional matters, are harder to correct than those created by passivity.
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11 weeks ago by HispanicPundit

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