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Sumitomo buys WA solar power group Infinite Energy | The West Australian
Japanese industrial giant Sumitomo has taken a foothold in the retail electricity market by buying WA’s biggest solar power company, Infinite Energy, out of private hands for an undisclosed sum.
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457 U.S. 176: Sumitomo v Avagliano
Sumitomo is "constituted under the applicable laws and regulations" of New York; based on Article XXII(3), it is a company of the United States, not a company of Japan. As a company of the United States operating in the United States, under the literal language of Article XXII(3) of the Treaty, Sumitomo cannot invoke the rights provided in Article VIII(1), which are available only to companies of Japan operating in the United States and to companies of the United States operating in Japan.
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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. | Press Release (2011) Development of Porous Aluminum “Aluminum-Celmet”
I wonder if they chose Celmet as the trademark name, due to the classic R/L differentiation problem, and that cermet is a generic industry term for ceramic metal composites and thus isn't trademarkable...
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ペイパルと三井住友カード、国内事業で提携 - CNET Japan
So PayPal and Sumitomo Mitsui are teaming up. Does this mean japanese users might be able to send personal payments again? Or is this just so PayPal japan can access Sumitomo Mitsui's credit card business for PayPal exclusive credit cards...
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Porous Aluminum Developed to Triple Li-ion Battery Capacity -- Tech-On!
Interesting new materials research from Japan to up electrode performance for batteries and capacitors
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New Sumitomo Electric Battery 90% Cheaper Than Lithium Ion -Nikkei
The interesting bit is a sodium based molten salt that melts at 57C, which is very low and potentially in the range of a hot water heater. As an example, a home natural gas fuelcell feeding a high temperature hot water heater that envelops a home molten salt battery.
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Sumitomo Electric Develops Superconductive Cable With 50% More Efficiency - Bloomberg
1G HTS cable amperage improvement. I suppose that's good, but it's still first generation type HTS. I guess they have to get their investment back on the 1G production line before committing to more 2G HTS cable production.
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NIKKEI NET(日経ネット):主要ニュース-各分野の重要ニュースを掲載


 共同出資の生保設立は住友生命と三井生命の提携の一環。営業職員が主力販路の国内大手生保は来店型ショップではほとんど保険を販売してこなかった。だが、近年はショップで保険に加入する人も増加。両社は新しい販路開拓のため、新会社の設立を決めた。 (00:25)
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NIKKEI NET(日経ネット):経済ニュース −マクロ経済の動向から金融政策、業界の動きまでカバー


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