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How To Be An Awesome 50-Year-Old Developer – Hacker Noon
“As you are aware that, business has been slow for quite some time now and the organization needs to take some tough steps now to survive this phase. Therefore, we have decided to downsize our…
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16 days ago by gilberto5757
Ruby on Rails: send emails with style - Imaginary Cloud
Most of us had already at some point to deal with the pain of sending HTML formatted emails using Ruby on Rails. Here you'll find some solutions.
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21 days ago by gilberto5757
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29 days ago by reorx
Alfred Workflow - Secure SHell
Open SSH/SFTP/mosh connections from Alfred 3 with autosuggestion of known hosts
alfred  workflow  ssh  open  connexion  SFTP  FTP  iterm  connect  suggestion  find  host 
4 weeks ago by ebouchut
Study shows kids can be swayed by peer pressure from robots • BGR
Andy Meek:
<p>Robots are coming to take our jobs — and trick our gullible children.

The conventional wisdom has long been afraid of the first half of that sentence, and now a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Robotics speaks to the second half. The study paired a group of kids with cute, humanoid robots who constantly gave an incorrect answer to a simple test, which the led the kids to quite often — well, follow the robots’ incorrect lead.

According to an abstract of the study, “People are known to change their behavior and decisions to conform to others, even for obviously incorrect facts. Because of recent developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, robots are increasingly found in human environments, and there, they form a novel social presence. It is as yet unclear whether and to what extent these social robots are able to exert pressure similar to human peers.”

The testers, however, used a group of children ages 7 to 9 and found that they generally conform to the robots in the study. “This raises opportunities as well as concerns for the use of social robots with young and vulnerable cross-sections of society; although conforming can be beneficial, the potential for misuse and the potential impact of erroneous performance cannot be ignored.”

To be sure, you can argue about how much value to ascribe to this, since kids of a certain age will to a degree go along with anyone who’s older than them. Maybe that same thought holds true when it comes to kids and our robot overlords.</p>

People are the same when computers suggest things too. They'll go along with an answer from a calculator when they've entered bad information in a way they might not on paper.
children  robot  suggestion 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
What does North Korea want?, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
Kim, in contrast, has an already overwhelming deterrent against such an invasion, namely its massive conventional artillery and rocket capabilities.

Not just that: an invasion of North Korea would mean risking war with China (again).

Here’s what Trump should do, IMO:

Negotiate a deal acceptable to South Korea, China and Russia before meeting with North Korea, and invite Putin, Xi, and Moon to the summit. I like one tweeter’s idea of holding it in Vladivostok. Use the opportunity to reduce tensions with Russia at the same time.

A win-win-win-win deal would probably look something like this:

1) North Korea agrees to give up its nukes and allow monitoring to verify that.
2) North Korea agrees to cut out military provocations of the South and other nonsense.
3) The U.S. reduces its troops in South Korea and promises not to invade the north again, and, in the event the peninsula is ever unified, not to station any troops north of the current DMZ.
4) Similarly, China and Russia agree not to station any troops in what’s now North Korea.
5) Sanctions on North Korea are dropped.
6) Economic aid + economic development for North Korea, with South Korea and China setting up more factories there.
7) In return for hosting and helping to facilitate, the U.S. drops some sanctions on Russia and lets Tillerson’s old company develop Russia’s arctic oil fields.
suggestion  korea  policy  proposal  peace  plan  3/2018  quote 
12 weeks ago by elev8
isaacs/github: Just a place to track issues and feature requests that I have for github
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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june 2018 by reorx
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april 2018 by reorx
Siamo tutti abbastanza appassionati di cinema da aver voglia di perdere qualche ora della nostra vita a creare e far vivere un portale dedicato. Ne esistono già tantissimi, quindi speriamo davvero che il nostro sarà inutile: inutile come la valigetta di Pulp Fiction.
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april 2018 by nicola.achille

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