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Stumbling and Mumbling: Populists as snake oil sellers
Recap of research on why snake oil medicine cures were so popular in 19c.
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”You can have a million dollar goal with a one dollar work ethic.” $SPX
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Emilia Clarke, of “Game of Thrones,” on Surviving Two Life-Threatening Aneurysms

But I kept at it. In school productions, I played Anita in “West Side Story,” Abigail in “The Crucible,” one of the witches in “Macbeth,” Viola in “Twelfth Night.” After secondary school, I took a gap year, during which I worked as a waitress and went backpacking in Asia. Then I started classes at the Drama Centre London to pursue my B.A. As fledgling actors, we studied everything from “The Cherry Orchard” to “The Wire.” I didn’t get the ingénue parts. Those went to the tall, willowy, impossibly blond girls. I got cast as a Jewish mother in “Awake and Sing!” You should hear my Bronx accent.

In those days, I thought of myself as healthy. Sometimes I got a little light-headed, because I often had low blood pressure and a low heart rate. Once in a while, I’d get dizzy and pass out. When I was fourteen, I had a migraine that kept me in bed for a couple of days, and in drama school I’d collapse once in a while. But it all seemed manageable, part of the stress of being an actor and of life in general. Now I think that I might have been experiencing warning signs of what was to come.

I could hardly catch my breath. I went back to the hotel, where some people invited me to a party on the roof. “I think I’m good!” I told them. Instead, I went to my room, ate Oreos, watched “Friends,” and called everyone I knew.

The “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have said that Daenerys Targaryen is a blend of Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and Lawrence of Arabia.
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The Importance of High-Impact Student Success Practices | UKNow
Kuh is a nationally recognized expert and scholar of student success, an adjunct research professor at the University of Illinois and Chancellor’s Professor of Higher Education Emeritus at Indiana University (IU). As a senior scholar and founding director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) as well as the founding director of IU’s Center for Postsecondary Research and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), he has amassed a CV with some 400 publications, several books, and several hundred presentations on topics related to assessment strategies, institutional improvement, college student engagement, and campus cultures. 
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Planning a Digital Transformation: Perspectives from the User Community
"We’re still not using the system: One of the most common measures for success versus failure is system work arounds. If a majority or even reasonable percentage of people are still using old processes or creating their own spreadsheets, this is an indication of a lack of change management. There needs to be measures in place to test new processes and system adoption, as well as proper communication, training and alignment from the start."
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Mario Tomic - Getting paralyzed by fear and staying in your...
Getting paralyzed by fear and staying in your comfort zone will crush more of your dreams than a lack of motivation, low willpower, no expertise, and poor resources combined.
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BBC - Capital - Why ‘worthless’ humanities degrees may set you up for life
This speaks to a broader point: the whole question of whether a student should choose Stem versus the humanities, or a vocational course versus a liberal arts degree, might be misguided to begin with. It’s not as if most of us have an equal amount of passion and aptitude for, say, accounting and art history. Plenty of people know what they love most. They just don’t know if they should pursue it. And the headlines most of us see don’t help.

This is part of why parents and teachers often need to take a step back, Mangan says. “There is only one expert. I’m the expert on me, you’re the expert on you, they’re the expert on themselves,” she says. “And nobody, I really mean nobody, can tell them how to do what they should be doing.”
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The only way to progress in both life and business is to be around people who have been doing this much longer with more experience and and have built 10, 50 and even 100 million $ + businesses...
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“I don’t like your work” doesn’t mean I don’t like you. - Seth
1) There is plenty of disliked work from people (and things) where I don’t even know the creator. I don’t like John Adam’s operas, and I’ve never even met him. If it’s possible to dislike something without knowing the person behind it, I hope we can embrace the fact that they’re unrelated.
2) If we need everyone to like our work in order to feel grounded, it means that we’ll sacrifice the best of what we could create in order to dumb it down for whatever masses happen to be speaking up. Which will make it more average (aka mediocre) and thus eliminate any magic we had hoped to create.
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Need some ideas for interactive B2B content. This article may provide a few starters.
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