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Madrid Metro and Railway Infrastructure
Madrid is apparently the world leader in effective subway construction.
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12 days ago by kellan
Finally got to complete my little side project: subway map vs. its true geography.
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13 days ago by skchrko
Well that's going to make me think twice before I try to jump onto a train with the doors closing.
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4 weeks ago by chadjw
Wikipedia - New York City Subway tiles
Red Family, Yellow Family, Green Family, Blue Family, Purple Family
NYC  Wikipedia  subway  color  tiles  code  ceramic  mosaic  history 
4 weeks ago by cosmic
StationMasterApp | The Station Master Blog
Includes an INCREDIBLE number of features!
3D station maps, quick exits & changes, different types of accessibility (walking, luggage, pram, wheelchair, short:long stairs, escalators), and lots more
UK  London  Underground  Tube  subway  maps  accessibility  trains  travel  Apple-apps 
4 weeks ago by andreasbuzzing
Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster
NYC subways travel at an average of 17MPH, the slowest amongst comparable systems in the US. The new subway head is looking to improve this by both raising speed limits (decreases after a 1995 accident but overly so) and fixing faulty signals. He believes these are contributing to subway problems far more than increased ridership.
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7 weeks ago by irace

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