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(1521) The Myth of American "Capitalism" - YouTube
backhand subsidies
lobby influence
monopolies and oligopolies are price makers and consumers become price takers, there is no equilibrium.
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Weaver says taxpayers shortchanged by archaic well-drilling incentives | Vancouver Sun
When auditor general John Doyle flagged deep well credits as a potential impact on provincial revenues a dozen years ago, they amounted to just $59 million.

When Doyle’s successor, Carol Bellringer, weighed in five years ago the credits had multiplied 20-fold.

“Producers have incurred expenditures that will qualify for $1.25 billion in incentive credits, but have not yet produced enough oil and gas to claim those amounts,” reported Bellringer.

“When these producers claim their incentive credits, that money will be deducted from the royalties that they owe, thereby reducing the amount of money government will generate. This represents a reduction of $1.25 billion in revenue in future years if all the incentives are used.”
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The ongoing subsidy of natural gas extraction in BC
We do have the first number for the member, and it’s the total of accumulated deep credits at $3.2 billion. That’s the total accumulation of all credits. Those credits are only available, however, to any company if their well is producing. So, if their well isn’t producing — say they earned credits as they did their exploration phase, but they didn’t produce the well — then they wouldn’t be able to access those royalty credits.
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