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Streamline Your Sublime Text + Go Workflow
I've opted for:

Tooling integration with the official sublime-build plugin.
Automatic formatting with the Gofmt plugin and goimports.
Code linting with the SublimeLinter plugin and gometalinter.
Autocompletion with the gocode package.
Code navigation with the GoGuru plugin.
Snippet management with Sublime Text's inbuilt tool and the PackageResourceViewer plugin.
In this post I'm going to run through the process of setting these up. If you haven't come across these plugins before, I recommend giving them a try!
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11 weeks ago by jdowdle
BracketHighlighter Documentation
"A customizable Sublime Text plugin that highlights matching brackets."
sublimetext3  github 
september 2017 by gavin
whitequark/rainbowth: Rainbowth is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that highlights matching parentheses in Lisp source code.
"Rainbowth is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that automagically highlights matching parentheses, brackets, and curly braces in source code. While the name does imply a certain sequence of colors, the palette used to paint them is entirely configurable; nonetheless, the effect is perhaps best demonstrated when viewed with a theme like Tomorrow Night"
sublimetext3  github 
september 2017 by gavin
kylebebak/Requester: Powerful, modern HTTP/REST client built on top of the Requests library
"Powerful, modern HTTP/REST client built on top of the Requests library" really nice package!
sublimetext3  api  python  http  github  rest 
september 2017 by gavin

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