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Plugins — Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation
3 days ago by umeruma
Documentation - Sublime Text
20190212: Pluginの作例、作り方を調べようと思ったら、外部のブログサイトに飛ばされるっていうね...
3 days ago by umeruma
Sublime Merge (Git Client)
Meet a new Git Client, from the makers of Sublime Text.
SublimeText  SublimeMerge  git  client  tools  software  inspiration 
22 days ago by jonlabelle
Here are some super secret VS Code hacks to boost your productivity
Coding as a hobbyist, professional or even a once-in-a-month developer, you must know that having smart and sharp tools is vital to anyone willing to put in maximum productive hours while working…
sublimetext  editor  coding 
4 weeks ago by lucapostBo
さかな暮らし 中性脂肪を下げるEPA・DHAサプリ | マイケア
health  epa  sublimetext  dha 
4 weeks ago by nsasaki
btrekkie/WrapAsYouType: Sublime Text plugin that performs hard word wrapping within specified sections, in real time as the user types
This little Sublime plugin takes some setup, but its simple purpose is really handy: automatically hard wrapping lines as you type in things like comment blocks, continuing comment markers as needed. I love this one.
sublime  sublimetext  coding 
5 weeks ago by ttscoff
textmate/rmate: Edit files from an ssh session in TextMate
Edit files from an ssh session in TextMate. Contribute to textmate/rmate development by creating an account on GitHub.
rmate  ruby  ssh  sublimetext 
9 weeks ago by sandipb
TabNine is the all-language autocompleter. It uses machine learning to provide responsive, reliable, and relevant suggestions.
vscode  atom  vim  emas  sublimetext  plugin  extension  autocomplete  ai  editor 
9 weeks ago by e2b
OmnisharpSublime is a plugin for ST3 to provide a C# development environment. It communicates with OmniSharpServer by nosami for IDE functions.

Install the Kulture plugin from Package Control.
Install the OmniSharp plugin from Package Control.
11 weeks ago by e_t_k

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