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TextMate und Sublime Text für macOS
Die meisten Code-Editoren, die unter Linux und Windows zum Einsatz kommen, sind auch für macOS erhältlich. Doch das Apple-Betriebssystem hat eigene Favoriten: Das exklusive TextMate und das kostenpflichtige Sublime Text.
sublime  editor 
7 days ago by goncourt
Setting up a Common Lisp environment on OS X with Sublime Text 3 | Mark Trapp
This is a basic guide for setting up what was a functional environment for me after a few hours of messing around with it.
CommonLisp  SBCL  Sublime  environment  OSX 
17 days ago by areich
claudeglass - Commonplace Studio

Claude Glass is a black mirror that connects digital reflections of the landscape with the actual reflections of the viewer. Each minute the scenic landscape changes showing the minute changes of the conditions throughout the day. By turning the object clockwise one speeds up time and travels into the night and onto the next day, by turning in the opposite direction one can reverse in time. This abstract timepiece is inspired by the black pocket sized mirror used by artists, connoisseurs of the landscape, and tourists in the 18th century. Named after the landscape painter Claude Lorrain, who was synonymous with the picturesque aesthetic, the Claude glass was a tool through which one looked out upon the world. Whereas the concern in the Romantic period was to frame and transform the world into the sublime aesthetic, this Claude Glass augments through the tools of today inviting one to experience alternate seasons and their distinct characteristics.

Materials: darkened glass, steel, LCD, embedded computer, custom software. Dimensions: 100 cm x 12cm.
Price on request.

Custom landscapes available through Victor Hunt Designart Dealer. Price on request.
claudeglass  landscape  art  magicmirror  picturesque  sublime 
20 days ago by mildlydiverting
10 Beautiful Free Themes for Sublime Text
There are a variety of free themes available that can change the appearance or style of Sublime Text to better reflect your needs. Here are our favorites.
programmers  editors  sublime  themes 
28 days ago by kger
Rosemary Hill reviews ‘The Omnipotent Magician’ by Jane Brown · LRB 5 January 2012
Like opera or any other art that depends on immensely elaborate processes for the suspension of disbelief, the sublime in landscape gardening was always on the brink of the ridiculous.
gardening  history  aesthetics  sublime  art 
5 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
A arctic, north-bluish color palette
nord  colors  design  software  theme  sublime.txt  sublime  editor  minimal  color 
5 weeks ago by recurser
GitHub - slap-editor/slap: Sublime-like terminal-based text editor
Sublime-like terminal-based text editor. Contribute to slap-editor/slap development by creating an account on GitHub.
editor  terminal  cli  console  nodejs  sublime  texteditor  alternativeto  sublimetext 
5 weeks ago by kme
What are your "must have" custom snippets for your editor/IDE? - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
A custom snippet is a template that allows you to easily enter repeated code patterns. This Snippet Generator by Pawel Grzybek makes it easy to create your own for VS Code, Sublime, & Atom.
ide  snipped  generator  vs  code  sublime  atom  programming  itp 
7 weeks ago by gdw

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