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Do children benefit from internet access? Experimental evidence from a developing country - ScienceDirect
We compare children who were randomly chosen to receive laptops with high-speed internet access to (i) those who did not receive laptops and (ii) those who only received laptops without internet. We find that providing free internet access led to improved computer and internet proficiency relative to those without laptops and improved internet proficiency compared to those with laptops only. However, there were no significant effects of internet access on math and reading achievement, cognitive skills, self-esteem, teacher perceptions, or school grades when compared to either group.
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29 minutes ago by dandv
SLEC Advertisement Demonstrates Commitment to Reliability and Excellent Design
SLEC is proud to announce that our recent advertisement has earned positive recognition as a 5th place ranking of a recent SIGNET study
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6 days ago by Adventure_Web
Students Spend $1,200 a Year on Textbooks? Most Don’t - It’s a Myth
The College Board’s $1,200 a year figure for books and supplies in 2015-2016 is an estimated average from university financial aid offices on what students should budget for this college expense category.

Supplies includes expenses for computers (including laptops and tablets), peripherals (printers) and lab supplies.
The College Board states that expenses in this category “do not necessarily reflect actual student expenditures.”
This expense category influences the “total cost of attendance” which affects the amount of financial aid students are eligible for.

Based on actual sales data, college students spend approximately $650 a year on course materials.
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6 days ago by jonippolito
What's behind the soaring cost of college textbooks - CBS News
Over the course of a year, the average college student spends more than $1,200 on books and materials, according to the College Board. [also, access codes that expire]
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6 days ago by jonippolito

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