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It’s not just about the money, say STEM students of color | Research News @ Vanderbilt | Vanderbilt University
High-achieving undergraduates of color pursuing lucrative careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have their sights set on social justice, not just a big paycheck, according to a new Vanderbilt study published in American Journal of Education.

“We found that many black and Latinx students felt it was important for them to use their careers to help others, which we describe as an equity ethic,” said study co-author Lydia Bentley, a researcher at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development. “These students expressed that they were concerned about people who have been marginalized because of race or ethnicity—maybe because of the way they have suffered themselves—but they also had broader concerns about global disparities.”
vanderbilt  peabody  tl  mcgee  bentley  students  stem  minorities  millennials 
2 days ago by kbrobeck
It’s surprisingly easy for anyone to buy ads that track location and app usage, study says | The Verge
Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to track a person’s location and app use through serving ads on mobile apps. Franziska Roesner, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, and former UW graduate student Paul Vines, are quoted.
Vines.Paul  Roesner.Franziska  The.Verge  College:Engineering  Allen.School  !UWitM  2017  students 
3 days ago by uwnews
‘Nudges’ are helping UW Tacoma students graduate on time | The Seattle Times
The University of Washington Tacoma is using the behavioral theory of a Nobel Prize-winning economist to keep students on track to graduate. Colleen Carmean, associate vice chancellor for academic innovation at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2017  Carmean.Colleen  students  Seattle.Times 
3 days ago by uwnews
albedo on Twitter
Thread on adult life when you're out of school (and your workplace isn't particularly structured) -- Tweet: "You know how the first day of classes the teachers will outline the syllabus and tell you what you'll hopefully gain by the end of the year"
brunei-tweets  2016  adulting  students  threads  cat:thoughts 
4 days ago by hazm8
A new smartphone app spots signs of cancer with a snapshot | Seattle Met
With a new app from a University of Washington team, selfies can detect signs of pancreatic cancer. Alex Mariakakis, a doctoral student in computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
students  Allen.School  College:Engineering  !UWitM  2017  Seattle.Met  UW:Medicine 
4 days ago by uwnews
It takes just $1000 to track someone's location with mobile ads | WIRED
New UW research shows that ad-targeting can not only track you at the personal, individual level, but that it doesn't take a corporation's resources to seize upon that surveillance tool—just time, determination, and about a thousand dollars. Paul Vines, UW graduate student in computer science and engineering, and Tadayoshi Kohno, UW professor of computer science and engineering, are quoted.
College:Engineering  !UWitM  2017  WIRED  Kohno.Tadayoshi  Vines.Paul  students  Allen.School 
4 days ago by uwnews
Spend a fifth year in college? Fewer Washington students stick around that long | The Seattle Times
In the past 10 years, rising tuition and a renewed effort to keep more students from drifting over the four-year line has led to a big increase in on-time graduation for students at the UW. Ed Taylor, the UW’s vice provost and dean of undergraduate academic affairs, is quoted.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2017  Taylor.Ed  students 
6 days ago by uwnews
Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter
Ugama/primary school stories.
Thread starting with Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter: "Masa ku di sek menengah aku pernah tanya cigu BM ku apa makna perkataan "Gian", aku tanya dia kalau boleh masukkan dlm karangan ku *fespalm*"
This point in the thread: spoop 👻 on Twitter: "@_HarizFadhilah She was all, "Ah? inda kamu tahu kah apa bersetubuh ani? Bersetubuh ani yang apa bapa mama kamu buat di katil/bilik." We were like 10"
brunei-tweets  2017  students  ugamaschool  primaryschool  threads  cat:experiences 
7 days ago by hazm8
Russell Wilson goes undercover in new Braun ad | ESPN
For a new ad for Braun, Russell Wilson disguised himself as a security officer — full uniform, fake mustache and a Southern accent for good measure — and patrolled the UW campus in a golf cart on a mission to locate "grooming violators."
students  ESPN  !UWitM  2017 
9 days ago by uwnews
Russell Wilson had the worst disguise when he tried to go undercover as a security guard | USA Today
In a video for Braun razors, Russell Wilson went undercover as a security guard at the University of Washington campus and fooled literally nobody.
USA.Today  !UWitM  2017  students 
10 days ago by uwnews
4 Reasons to Encourage Students to Read in their Spare Time
Parents who persist in creating a household environment where reading is valued and encouraged will eventually see the clear benefits of doing so.
reading  students  tutoring 
10 days ago by Adventure_Web
Russell Wilson goes undercover as UW security guard in new ad | Q13 FOX News
Russell Wilson went undercover as a UW security guard in an ad for Braun recently. He handed out beard trimmers to students on campus.
Q13  !UWitM  2017  students 
11 days ago by uwnews

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