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zamotany/react-stream-renderer: Custom renderer for rendering React apps to Node stream
react-stream-renderer - Custom renderer for rendering React apps to Node stream
react  stream  renderer 
7 days ago by jimthedev
Introducing Livepeer — A Decentralized Live Video Broadcast Platform and Crypto Token Protocol
Today I am excited to announce the Livepeer Project. We believe that every person should have access to a platform to share their voice, and in today’s day and age, live video is increasingly…
blockchain  live  peer  stream  streaming  video  p2p  decentralized 
7 days ago by ference
På er der mulighed for at læse alt omkring streaming på TV. Her kan man læse de seneste nyheder, som indbefatter streamning på TV.
stream  tv  streaming 
8 days ago by Linkmadsen
New features in GraphQL: Batch, defer, stream, live, and subscribe
This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend React Europe in Paris. This is one of the most exciting conferences in the React ecosystem, and has a special significance for GraphQL — in…
graphql  batch  defer  stream  live  subscribe  dev 
11 days ago by alfredo

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