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Why you should specify a reading age for web content
Many organisations have a reading age for their websites and publications. It’s for usability. 

GOV.UK had a reading age of 9 years old for citizen- and business-facing text and 14 years old for the corporate content (when I was there, they may have changed it now). In that time I came up against this as an argument a lot:
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7 hours ago by rmohns
The New Innovator’s Dilemma: When Customers Won’t Pay for Better - WSJ
Aug. 15, 2017 | WSJ | By Denise Roland.

As the turmoil at Novo Nordisk shows, there are commercial limits to innovation. Nokia Corp. and BlackBerry Ltd. both lost their market dominance in smartphones because competitors beat them with major technological advances. Both firms are in the process of reinventing themselves.

In other cases, though, innovation has hit a wall. That is especially the case in some pockets of the pharmaceuticals business, where the scope for big improvements is narrowing.
CDC  Novo_Nordisk  innovation  pricing  marketing  strategy  insulin  diabetes  Denmark  Danish  pharmaceutical_industry  pharmacy-benefit_management 
17 hours ago by jerryking
Essential Eight Explained: ASD Australian Signals Directorate
Eight things that every IT department/vendor should be doing
technology  strategy 
23 hours ago by andy47
How Your Business Can Plan For 'IT Megatrends'
Interesting article on Lifehacker Australia about the role of IT in business
technology  strategy 
23 hours ago by andy47
Our Articles | Viget
Nice reference articles on everything from color palettes to design systems to code snippets, unfortunately it doesn't have an RSS feed. :(
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yesterday by abberdab
MUSTread pre-college #students & #parents: How to approach the #college process & make it work for you ^cr
MUSTread pre-college #students & #parents: How to approach the #college process & make it work for you
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yesterday by csrollyson

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