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Get Started - mobius
continuous loop for evaluating progress and planning
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2 days ago by tswaterman
LacusCurtius • The Stratagems of Frontinus
Complete Latin text and an English translation of the Strategemata (a collection of summarized ancient military ruses and devices); related material.
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2 days ago by adamjsaint
5 Key components of successful project management
Follow those tips when Planning a project, and stop worrying or guessing about the results!
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2 days ago by moneytized
Bloomberg: Scott Galloway Discusses Four World-Conquering Companies
Podcast Takeaways

Google: Modern Person's God.
The brain

Facebook: Love at scale.
The heart.

Amazon: Consumptive, Getting More.
The gut.

Apple: Reproductive, Attractive to Others.
The reproductive area.

Amazon success: Not ops or data but storytelling, Bezos investor letter in 97 said will invest in three things: 1. selection, 2. convenience and 3. value. Storytelling and the narrative is really powerful.
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3 days ago by JohnDrake
Wu Tang Clan Disciples: What museum technologists can learn from the Wu-Tang Clan
For those of you that made it to Atlanta, I did a brief presentation at MCN2011 about collaboration to create digital interactive exhibits. Some people noted that my presentation contained references to the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Why the Wu? I choose them because they are an extraordinary example of the benefits of working on projects as a team. Here are seven tips from the Wu-Tang way of working that we can learn from.

You Gotta Have a Crew
Wu-Tang clan is made up of eight rappers (nine before the death of ODB). When you have this many collaborators in one group, you have lots of creative minds working together to reach the same goal. Having a team of people work on a project means you have better and faster results because the responsibility is shared. However…

There Must Be A Strong Leader
In Wu-Tang, RZA runs the show. Sure, there are a lot of strong personalities contributing to the product, but RZA chooses the direction they go, and he has final say. On technology projects, someone has to take responsibility for setting the goals to reach. Committee doesn’t make great projects. Have a leader, have a vision, and take the expertise of each group member and put it where it can enrich the whole.

C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)
Maybe not all of you are familiar with the term, but it’s applicable to all of our work. Technology projects are expensive. The costs of the devices and the hours of labor to develop and implement them add up quickly. Focus on the outcomes, divide labor between the members of the group, and have deadlines for each project.

Work With What You Have
The first few Wu-Tang albums sound like they were recorded in a basement. That’s because they were recorded in RZA’s basement. You have to use what’s available to you, and you have to maximize that to your advantage. It’s not going to be perfect, but if you are doing something original that has engaging content, most of your audience won’t mind.

Have A Network
Wu-Tang is not just a group of rappers, they are also collaborators with a number of other groups. Their willingness to share what they learned and their success has opened doors for other artists. Your institution can’t work in a void. Find other organizations to share knowledge and information with. Everyone benefits.

Innovate, Don’t Recreate
Wu-Tang is influential because they took their interests, 60′s and 70′s kung-fu cinema, and put it in the framework of hip-hop music. They didn’t reinvent the genre, just spun it in a way that highlighted their strengths. You don’t have to create something brand new for your museum. Take what you have available to you and put your mark on it.
Strategy  Wu-Tang  Clan 
3 days ago by stacker
Why Facebook May Fall Flat in Africa | Fortune
Free Basics has also come under attack. It was recently banned in Egypt and has been criticized by independent campaigners for conflicting with net neutrality, or the idea that no content or applications should be discriminated against online.

Facebook itself says it supports net neutrality, but others argue that Free Basics contradicts that position because it gives Facebook too much control over access. India outlawed Free Basics for this reason. And Egypt claimed the same rationale earlier in the year, though there have been reports that the real reason Egyptian authorities banned it is that Facebook wouldn’t allow the government to conduct surveillance on its users.
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4 days ago by edsonm
A Primer on Strategy
The Strategy Retreat
I'm sure this excerpt sounds familiar to many of you:

The event was a “strategy retreat.” The CEO had modeled it on a similar event at British Airways he had attended several years before. About two hundred upper-level managers from around the world gathered in a hotel ballroom where top management presented a vision for the future: to be the most respected and successful company in their field. There was a specially produced motion picture featuring the firm’s products and services being used in colorful settings around the world. There was an address by the CEO accompanied by dramatic music to highlight the company’s “strategic” goals: global leadership, growth, and high shareholder return. There were breakouts into smaller groups to allow discussion and buy-in. There was a colorful release of balloons. There was everything but strategy.

Good strategy is the exception not the rule. Rumelt argues that the bad strategy problem is only growing. Even worse, more and more leaders think they have a strategy when they do not—they have a bad strategy. Bad strategy, “ignores the power of choice and focus, trying instead to accommodate a multitude of conflicting demands and interests.” Sounds familiar?
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4 days ago by abemaingi

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