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The Soul of Lean Startup is Not MVP - by @barnes_hank
"But, if you listened closely and really work to understand, the reality is that lean startup really isn’t about MVP. MVP is a key tool for lean startup, but that is all it is.

The soul of Lean Startup is Customer Validation and Development. Without it, there is no Lean Startup."
go-to-market  customer  development  validation  lean  startup  mvp  strategy 
19 hours ago by jonerp
My basics for business strategy – Hacker Noon
To begin with, understand that strategy is a cycle. As you loop around the cycle then you will learn more about your environment and the patterns that affect it. However, your action will also change…
business  strategy 
23 hours ago by prrd
The 5 Biggest Assumptions I’ve Made About Business – The Mission
After starting about 20 businesses and being invested in about 30 more at this moment, I’ve probably seen most of what you can see. I’ve been on the boards of billion revenue companies and tiny startups. I’ve written about hundreds of companies. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  business  strategy 
yesterday by jburkunk
What Is Strategy?
This article has benefited greatly from the assistance of many individuals and companies. The author gives special thanks to Jan Rivkin, the coauthor of a related paper. Substantial research contributions have been made by Nicolaj Siggelkow, Dawn Sylvester, and Lucia Marshall. Tarun Khanna, Roger Martin, and Anita McGahan have provided especially extensive comments.   I. […]
yesterday by jbrok
AP Insights | E-book: How to build a content strategy for the internet of things
In the office elevator, at the bus stop, even on the refrigerator — information is everywhere. In the dawning era of the internet of things, seemingly every device will soon be able to provide us with news, weather or sports updates. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  content  internet  of  things  iot  strategy 
2 days ago by jburkunk
RT hvac Think before you post! These tips will help you set a solid
HVAC  Strategy  SocialMedia  from twitter
2 days ago by CHCP
Een kater van Cannes? | De Tijd
De stranden waar het in Cannes gebeurt, zijn vandaag de dag afgehuurd door bedrijven als Facebook en Twitter. © REUTERS Een mens zou aan Cannes gemakkelijk een kater kunnen overhouden. Het reclamefestival staat bekend voor zijn wilde feestjes op en rond de ‘Croisette’. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  agency  strategy 
2 days ago by jburkunk
Why Tesla is overhyped — and overvalued - Vox
Tesla and the deep problems with “disruption” theory.
business  strategy  disruption  clay  christensen  cars 
2 days ago by paunit
The boys from Baga
Trained to Kill: How Four Boy Soldiers Survived Boko Haram
War  civilwar  Nigeria  africa  blood  children  strategy  violence  crime  terrorism  HeartOfDarkness 
2 days ago by amaah
Using UX design to reduce the risk of innovation failure (Nomensa)
Занятная модель "тройного алмаза" от Nomensa — они добавили ещё один этап в начале, отвечающий за поиск ценности для пользователей и бизнеса.
UX  strategy  business  issue  models 
2 days ago by jvetrau

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