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50 mots en stratégie de l'information
Cette brochure téléchargeable présente sous forme d’un dictionnaire critique une cinquantaine de notions relatives à l’intelligence économique et stratégique, aux relations internationales dans une optique d’influence et de puissance, au décryptage des médias, à la guerre de l’image ou de l’information,... Bref tout ce que l’auteur a regroupé sous le néologisme « infostratégie ».
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La voie de l'épée: La bataille d’Hajin : victoire tactique, défaite stratégique ? Un article remarquable du colonel Légrier.
Il ne nous a fallu que quelques semaines pour détruire sur l’ensemble du nord Mali les bases d’un ennemi du même volume supérieur à l’EI à Hajin. Nous avons à l’époque accepté d’avoir sept morts au combat. Est-ce la peur d’un enlisement ? Soyons sérieux. Si le politique le décide, un ou quatre GTIA, comme au Mali, peuvent se dégager aussi vite qu’on les engage. Ce n’est pas un problème technique, c’est juste une décision politique.
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La bataille d’Hajin : victoire tactique, défaite stratégique ? | Réseau International
Il faut donc rappeler avec le général Desportes que la victoire militaire doit toujours être pensée au prisme de son objectif politique et qu’elle ne peut se passer d’un engagement au contact : « La guerre à distance est un leurre : elle produit un effet militaire mais pas d’effet politique. La “projection de puissance”, c’est-à-dire la projection de destruction, sans “projection de forces”, de soldats sur le terrain ne fonctionne pas ; elle détruit sans maîtriser la reconstruction et crée le chaos. Il y a une vraie illusion de l’efficience aérienne : certes, elle permet quelques économies initiales mais elle ne conduit jamais au résultat espéré. À la fin des fins, il est toujours nécessaire, d’une manière ou d’une autre, de contrôler l’espace. »
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Why you should use multiple properties in Google Analytics
In GA, a property represents a website or a mobile app. Every change you made to your GA property setting(s) has the potential to skew your analytics data.
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Strategy’s strategist: An interview with Richard Rumelt | McKinsey
Now, lots of people think the solution to the strategic-planning problem is to inject more strategy into the annual process. But I disagree. I think the annual rolling resource budget should be separate from strategy work. So my basic recommendation is to do two things: avoid the label “strategic plan”—call those budgets “long-term resource plans”—and start a separate, nonannual, opportunity-driven process for strategy work.


Can you predict clearly which positions will pay off? Not easily. If we could actually calculate the financial implications of such choices, we wouldn’t have to think strategically; we would just run spreadsheets. Strategic thinking is essentially a substitute for having clear connections between the positions we take and their economic outcomes.


Innovation: Richard Rumelt: There is no substitute for entrepreneurial insight, but almost all innovation flows from the unexpected combination of two or more things, so companies need access to and, in some cases, control over the right knowledge and skill pools.


The Quarterly: What sort of group can analyze these kinds of things?

Richard Rumelt: A small group of smart people. What else can I say? Doing this kind of work is hard. A strategic insight is essentially the solution to a puzzle. Puzzles are solved by individuals or very tight-knit teams. For that, you need a small group. With big groups and complex processes you can select the better solution to the puzzle, and you can get consensus and buy-in and even commitment.

One other thing. If I had my way, small groups like this would be absolutely prohibited from doing PowerPoint presentations! Using bullet points so much drives out thinking. One of the nice features of PowerPoint is how fast you can create a presentation. But that’s the trouble. People end up with bullet points that contradict one another, and no one notices! It is simply amazing.

If you ask a group to put aside the bullet points and just write three coherent paragraphs about what is changing in an industry and why, the difference is incredible. Having to link your thoughts, giving reasons and qualifications, makes you a more careful thinker—and a better communicator.
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Why Do We Undervalue Competent Management?
n MBA programs, students are taught that companies can’t expect to compete on the basis of internal managerial competencies because they’re just too easy to copy. Operational effectiveness—doing the same thing as other companies but doing it exceptionally well—is not a path to sustainable advantage in the competitive universe. To stay ahead, the thinking goes, a company must stake out a distinctive strategic position—doing something different than its rivals. This is what the C-suite should focus on, leaving middle and lower-level managers to handle the nuts and bolts of managing the organization and executing plans.

Michael Porter articulated the difference between strategy and operational effectiveness in his seminal 1996 HBR article, “What Is Strategy?” The article’s analysis of strategy and the strategist’s role is rightly influential, but our research shows that simple managerial competence is more important—and less imitable—than Porter argued.
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