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My Favourite Secret Weapon – strace – zwischenzugs
strace (or its Solaris equivalents, truss dtruss) is a tool that tells you which operating system (OS) calls your program is making.
strace  programming 
6 days ago by JonathanAquino
Strace – My Favourite Secret Weapon (2011) | Hacker News
Strace was always my go-to on Linux for solving error messages that fail to be a complete sentence: "connection refused" (to what?) "file not found" (where did you look?) and so on. Since I've moved to Windows the best alternative seems to be Process Explorer.
strace  debugging  linux  unix 
7 days ago by hellsten
c-bata/systracer: Yet another system call tracer written in Pure Go.
systracer - Yet another system call tracer written in Pure Go.
golang  trace  strace 
17 days ago by geetarista

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