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3 hours ago by jakobb
5 Years On . . . - The Big Picture
Around this time, circa 2010, I met Josh at a conference in Coronado Island off San Diego. (He tells his version of that meeting here). If you know me, you already know who Josh is. That first meeting was simple: here was a guy who was obviously talented and smart and funny – how had the market overlooked him? I had seen his blog, thought he was an emerging writer with something to say and a sharp, intelligent way to say it. What was he doing on the wrong side of the street – the Sell Side? He asked what he needed to do to join the Buy Side, the answer was obvious.
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5 days ago by fallond
Ultimate Beginners Guide to Virtual Reality Storytelling
Virtual Reality [VR] is a magical alternate universe where all of your wishes come true and where pain and suffering don’t exist. Just kidding. Ok, seriously VR is the use of computer technology to…
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5 days ago by basemaly

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