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Data Physicalization Wiki
Physical representations of data have existed for thousands of years. Now, with advances in digital fabrication, actuated tangible interfaces, and shape-changing displays, a new area of research is emerging: data physicalization.

Data physicalization aims to help people explore, understand, and communicate data using computer-supported physical data representations. We call these representations physicalizations, analogously to visualizations – their purely visual counterpart. This wiki provides reading material and a forum for all interested in this topic.
data  story  art  design 
7 hours ago by tlricherson
The Map Room
I came to think of the Map Room, over the four years it took to develop and the five weeks when it was open, as a machine for changing perspective. It was a place to come and not only tell stories about your city through map-making, but also to understand it through the eyes of others.
story  maps  equity 
7 hours ago by tlricherson
Why kids can learn more from tales of fantasy than realism | Aeon Ideas
That is, children gained more knowledge from the fantastical stories than from the realistic ones.

This finding is surprising, since it flies in the face of everything we know about learning and transfer. A large body of literature in psychology has shown that the more similar the learning context is to the context where the information is eventually going to be applied, the better. This strongly suggests that the realistic books should have helped children learn the meanings of words better and report them more accurately on the post-test. But our study showed exactly the opposite: the fantasy books, the ones that were less similar to reality, allowed children to learn more.

In more recent work, our lab has been replicating the effect. One ongoing study is finding that children learn new facts about animals better from fantastical stories than from realistic ones. Other researchers, using a variety of methods and measures, have shown that representations of seemingly impossible events can help children’s learning. For example, infants are more prepared to accept new information when they are surprised, thus violating their assumptions about the physical world.

What can be going on? Perhaps children are more engaged and attentive when they see events that challenge their understanding of how reality works. After all, the events in these fantastical stories aren’t things that children can see every day. So they might pay more attention, leading them to learn more.

A different, and richer, possibility is that there’s something about fantastical contexts that is particularly helpful for learning. From this perspective, fantastical fiction might do something more than hold children’s interest better than realistic fiction. Rather, immersion in a scenario where they need to think about impossible events might engage children’s deeper processing, precisely because they can’t treat these scenarios as they would every other scenario that they encounter in reality.

They must consider every event with fresh eyes, asking whether it fits with the world of the story and whether it could fit within the laws of reality. This constant need to evaluate a story might make these situations particularly ripe for learning.
children  story  article  science 
yesterday by redlightbulb
YOU DON’T NEED STORY POINTS – Neil Killick – Medium
This post will show you how a development team can estimate the delivery of an agile project without the need for story points.
development  methodology  project  management  agile  story  points  estimation 
2 days ago by jeffjensen
Wikipedia - Gudbrand on the Hill-side
"In the Aarne-Thompson tale type index, "Gudbrand on the Hillside" is classified under 1415, Trading Away One's Fortune."
Wikipedia  Norway  story  optimism  marriage 
2 days ago by cosmic
CtrlMovie Home - CtrlMovie
CtrlMovie is a novel interactive movie format. It gives filmmakers the tools to tell multi-optional stories in a truly cinematic way. The audience gets to make decisions on behalf of the main character and is thrilled to see the consequences of their choices unfold on screen seamlessly without a noticeable gap or edit.
movies  interactive  story  narrative  games 
3 days ago by basemaly

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