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Kickstarter’s staff is unionizing - The Verge
The staff of Kickstarter announced plans to unionize today. If recognized, Kickstarter would be the first major tech company with union representation in the United States. Members of the union, which goes by Kickstarter United, say they want to improve inclusivity and transparency at the company. Kickstarter’s staff is unionizing
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43 minutes ago by Agiza
2016: The deadliest year ever for refugees trying to reach Europe | The Independent
Police try to stop refugees going under a fence to board a train at a station near Gevgelija, Macedonia. Several thousand refugees in Macedonia boarded trains to travel north after spending a night in a provisional camp.
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6 hours ago by eyezonefilms
Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report • The Register
All but three of the European Union member states' government websites are littered with undisclosed adtech trackers from Google and other firms, with many piggy-backing on third-party scripts, according to an analysis of almost 200,000 webpages. Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report
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yesterday by Agiza
Geoff Greer's site: Thinkpad X210
A couple years ago, I used an old Thinkpad while my MacBook was being repaired. I enjoyed the experience so much that I ended up getting a Thinkpad X62 (an X61 chassis with modern internals). Last September, the maker of the X62 announced that a 3rd batch of X210s would be made. Thinkpad X210
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2 days ago by Agiza
Waffle House does not care how much you are worth, what you look like,
where you are from, what your political beliefs are, or where you’ve been
so long as you respect the unwritten rules of Waffle House: Be kind, be
respectful, and don't overstay when others are waiting for a table.
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4 days ago by beanish
DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System - Motherboard
For years security professionals and election integrity activists have been pushing voting machine vendors to build more secure and verifiable election systems, so voters and candidates can be assured election outcomes haven’t been manipulated. DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System
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4 days ago by Agiza
Building a ‘Homebrew’ Video Game Console | Internal Register
Skip to the content. This post serves as an introduction to a “homebrew” video game console made from scratch, using a lot of inspiration from retro consoles and modern projects but with a unique architecture. Building a ‘Homebrew’ Video Game Console
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4 days ago by Agiza

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