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The Security in Secure Digital - How Secure Digital Memory Cards Work | HowStuffWorks
SD Cards include a facility for encrypting the data on the card. This was designed to allow SD cards to be used for distributing media that could not be copied – e.g. distributing music or video that could not be copied. Hence the ‘secure’ part of the name.

This functionality does not seem to have been widely adopted – distribution of digital data through physical means is decidedly old-think. It’s like Blu-ray – overtaken by network distribution.

Some Android phones allow encryption of the personal data held on SD cards.
storage  security  encryption 
3 hours ago by metaproof
End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage for Businesses | Tresorit
End-to-End Encrypted File Sync & Sharing
Tresorit is the ultra secure place in the cloud to store, sync and share files easily from anywhere, anytime.
gdpr  sync  storage  data  encryption  services 
22 hours ago by vesan
A leading datacenter hardware solution provider | QCT- Quanta Cloud Technology

Quanta Computer Inc. (Quanta) established its Enterprise Solution Business Unit (ESBU) in 2000 and reorganized it as the Cloud Computing Business Unit (CCBU) in 2010. At the time, a significant portion of CCBU revenues were derived from original design manufacturing (ODM), but the direct sale portion of the business quickly grew. As a result, in May of 2012 QCT was launched under the name Quanta Cloud Technology as a subsidiary of Quanta Computer Inc. to offer a full spectrum of off-the-shelf products and services directly to cloud service providers, enterprises and SMBs. Thus, QCT effectively inherited the Quanta hyperscale “DNA” and its 14-year heritage of leadership within the datacenter hardware space. Moreover, Quanta provides a range of capabilities to QCT, including engineering, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain support and rack assembly through the Quanta global network.
datacenter  server  storage  cloud  hosting 
22 hours ago by euler
The Luggage Storage Network | BAGBNB
BAGBNB, the luggage storage network - Find a luggage storage close to you, book your deposit online with BAGBNB!
airbnb  travel  storage  luggage 
yesterday by pgorrindo
Why 16GB Memory Cards Are Better – OnMyOm: Om‘s Blog
It is not hard to find a memory card that can pack as much as 128 gigabytes (GB) storage capacity into an SD memory card, a boon when shooting videos or when embarking on  a weekend trip with a nice point and shoot like the FujiFilm x100F or Leica Q. Personally, however, I like the 16GB SD cards and here are my reasons:* When on a trip, I tend to use one card per day — and use that as a limiting factor to how many photo frames I might capture in a single day. Even with the increasing file sizes (nearly 50 megabytes), it is enough for my style of photography as my maximum frames a day is about a 100. Throw in some video, and even then I don’t run out of capacity.
photography  photo  storage  camera 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Synology NAS and Everything you can do – Part 6 - NAS Compares
The Synology Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Explained
As Internet access grows popular on mobile devices, Synology provides you with several creative alternatives to communicate with your Synology NAS using iOS/Android, Windows Phone, or other mobile devices. Manage DSM Settings with DSM mobile. The Synology Mobile Applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile allows DSM users belonging to the administrator group to manage DSM settings and check DSM information with the web browser of an iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch), Android device, or Windows Phone.
guide  NAS  networking  sharing  storage  apps  ios  android 
2 days ago by rgl7194

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