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I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends) by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark
2,837 words | Steve has a crush on Tony, and he's not entirely sure what to do about it. The team helps, because they've had enough.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  marvel:616  mcu:comics-verse  matchmaking  pining  fluff 
6 days ago by leahbeex
hold the things you wanna say by SailorChibi
6,316 words | Tony is still a consultant, and between SI, the team and SHIELD he's overworked and exhausted. That's okay.

He and Steve have been having sex for weeks but that's all it is, just sex, and Tony wants more but he'll never get it and that's okay. Really.

What's not okay is the fact that Howard Stark has somehow appeared in the future and is the same as always.

This is definitely going to fuck up his schedule.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  05-10k  mcu:howard-starks-a+-parenting  hurt/comfort  misunderstandings  mcu:avengers.bonding  protectiveness 
7 days ago by leahbeex
Side Effects by elimymoons
29,253 words | "So what I'd like to propose," Tony continued on, "is for you to let me help you out a little, yeah? We'll work off some of this energy, some of this adrenaline, and you don't have to worry about hurting yourself anymore, okay?"

Steve's in a bit of trouble. Tony wants to help him out. Sexily.
steve/tony  rating.nc17  20-30k  marvel:ults  mcu:comics-verse  sex.pollen  hurt/comfort  angst  pining 
7 days ago by leahbeex
i will wait by musicalluna
tony disappearing for days to plan the perfect proposal, but steve knows and patiently waits because he knows tony wants it to be perfect
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  drabbles  tumblr-fic  marriage-commitment  fluff  established.relationship 
7 days ago by leahbeex
Morning Light by Neverever
1,449 words | During his morning routine, Steve has a revelation about Tony.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  established.relationship  domesticity  marriage-commitment  fluff 
7 days ago by leahbeex
Missing Midnight by FestiveFerret
1,744 words | Steve let the tide of the party shuffle him around the room, the thumping bass feeling like a second heartbeat in his chest. He was drunk enough that everything was great but not so drunk he couldn't keep his feet.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-no.powers  au-modern  holiday:newyears  fluff 
7 days ago by leahbeex
A Late-Night Snack, and Other Good Ideas by Annie D (scaramouche)
12,085 words | Steve's heightened senses means that he always knows when Tony's in heat. One night, he finally does something about it.
steve/tony  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  alpha-omega-verse  heat  knotting  kink:scent.marking 
9 days ago by leahbeex
Things Tony Stark Is Thankful For (That Are Not Captain America's Ass) by JenTheSweetie
4,149 words | “It’s not just about food!” Clint said, pointing at him with a turkey baster. “It’s about - it’s about the whole - everything! Pilgrims! Football! We live with actual real live Captain America, and you don’t want to do Thanksgiving?”

|| Very cute!
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  holiday:thanksgiving  warning:alcohol/drunkenness  fluff 
9 days ago by leahbeex
Who You Think You Are - Tahlruil - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where no one knows the identity of Iron Man, Tony Stark is the best thing since sliced bread, at least in the opinion of one Steve Rogers. He doesn't like to let anyone know that - especially not Tony - but one day it sort of slips out. Luckily it's only to his best friend, and Shellhead won't tell anyone. What could possibly go wrong?
Steve/Tony  Avengers 
11 days ago by Maski
[Avengers] like i don't even know who you are by nightwalker
The divorce papers were just as unsigned as they had been an hour ago.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
12 days ago by sineala
[Avengers] The Moon and the Sea by dirigibleplumbing
Steve has lived his whole life in the coastal California town of Nublado. He’s spent the last few years trying to move on from a traumatic event in his past, and he finds new joy when he befriends—and quickly falls for—reclusive local billionaire Tony Stark. Then Tony abruptly breaks things off and won’t reply when Steve reaches out. Steve’s friends Clint and Nat have his back, at least. But… is someone following him everywhere? What’s with the human teeth Steve and his friends found while they were out fishing? How did the Scarlet Witch know so much about him? And why are there so many crows around?
fanfiction  slash  avengers  mcu  steve/tony  au 
12 days ago by sineala
Can't Let You See by TheCityLightShow
3,072 words | Despite what the media says, Tony Stark is no stranger to love – actual love, he means, not just lust and loneliness numbed with alcohol and a warm body. (He's all too familiar with that.)

He loves being Iron Man, being an Avenger. Even if no one else knows that it's him.

Most of all, Tony Stark loves Steve Rogers: and ain't that the kicker? Because Steve Rogers – All-American, patient-yet-snarky, inherently good and sinfully handsome Steve Rogers – is in love with Iron Man.

Some days, Tony really hates his life.
steve/tony  00-05k  secret.identity 
17 days ago by leahbeex
[Avengers] sweet dreams are made of these by CapnShellhead
Steve is having a rough time. He isn't sleeping and he's spending all his time alone until Tony takes notice and tries to help. During one of these late night talks, Steve realizes he may be interested in more than friendship.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
17 days ago by sineala
[Avengers] Permanently Delete This File? Yes/No by Annie D (scaramouche)
On February 4th, the Avengers Academy game is deleted and all its characters move on.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-avengers-academy  steve/tony 
19 days ago by sineala
[Avengers] The Lining of Your Skin by BlossomsintheMist
“No, I,” Tony said quickly, his voice a little shaky and quick, “I want to. I want to, honey.” He pushed his hands down, got his head up, looked up at Steve. “I want to,” he said again, and there was a pleading tone in his voice, shaking a little, not quite like he was begging, but close, like he was scared Steve might back out, but, probably, didn’t want to be too obvious about how much he was wanting it.

Written for Day Twenty-Eight of Kinktober: Impact Play.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
20 days ago by sineala
[Avengers] How Much It May Storm by BlossomsintheMist
“Doing good?” Steve murmured, and Tony nodded, his head spinning, his body throbbing, aching for something, needy and hot. He ground his hips down against Steve’s fingers, looked up at him questioningly. “You want me inside?” Steve murmured. His fingers petted at Tony’s cheek gently, slid over the back of his neck, petting through his hair, and squeezed. “You ready for that, mister?”

Written for Day Twenty-Seven of Kinktober: Orgasm Denial.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
20 days ago by sineala
Avengers] In the Mood by BlossomsintheMist
Tony reached out, picked up his lipstick again, twisted it open, looking up at Steve through his thickly lacquered eyelashes as he did, then applied another thick coat over his already ruby-red lips, purposefully over-applying, then pressed them together the way he’d seen a girlfriend do it a thousand times and closed the lipstick, putting it back on the table on the other side of the mirror. Steve was watching him, breathless, his mouth hanging open, and Tony could feel the hot hardness of his cock against his bottom through the little skirt and garter belt, throbbing and needy. “Can I do something for you, hot stuff?” he murmured. “Can I make you feel good?”

Written for Day Twenty-Six of Kinktober: Mirror Sex | Stockings/Tights/Pantyhose.
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
20 days ago by sineala
[Avengers] Something to Be Thankful For by BlossomsintheMist
Tony is always good at making Steve feel better. Steve is thankful. (A Thanksgiving themed fic.)
fanfiction  slash  avengers  marvel-616  steve/tony 
20 days ago by sineala

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