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Not Without Hope
Hiding a vulnerable princeling from enemy eyes and concealing his identity until he's grown are certainly the stuff of legends. But even if the legend is true, it probably does not tell the whole story. Would Gilraen have preferred to raise Aragorn as his father's son and not hidden his identity? Would Elrond expect Aragorn's mother to come with him to Rivendell, or would he believe it easier to hide the boy from Sauron's eye if she lived elsewhere? That they ended up together in Rivendell, and that Aragorn's identity was successfully concealed, is fact. But how?

2005 MEFA Awards 1st Place (Gap-Filler - Drama)
fic  fandom:lotr  author:gwynnyd  rating:gen  length:15-19k  pairingtype:gen  character:gilraen  character:aragorn  character:elrond  character:omc  theme:pre-canon  theme:kidfic  theme:grief  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:illness  theme:backstory  theme:family  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Brothers At Heart
Aragorn "grew up elvish" and doubtless Elladan and Elrohir played no small part in his upbringing. A brief interlude.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:gen  length:5-9k  pairingtype:gen  character:aragorn  character:elrohir  character:elladan  theme:pre-canon  theme:siblings  theme:family  source:ao3  status:complete 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Cuts Gone Wrong
For a Ranger, it's hard not to take a few wrong turns when even the right road leads to such unexpected consequences.

A birthday story for Vilwarin and Gandalf's Apprentice.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:gen  length:5-9k  pairingtype:gen  character:aragorn  character:omc  theme:pre-canon  theme:characterstudy  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Father Feeling
A postscript to the story "Kinsmen", found in "To Unwrite Them". Deals with the paternal side of things, many years later.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:gen  length:0-4k  pairingtype:gen  character:aragorn  character:halbarad  character:elladan  character:elrohir  theme:grief  theme:parents  series  series:kinsmen  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
To Unwrite Them

Kinsmen. From father to son, the line of Isildur has remained unbroken through long years of toil and peril. Of the names of Chieftains recorded, a full quarter of them died untimely but were able to pass their title to their sons. This is a tale of the Dúnedain, and of keeping the line alive at all costs, as seen through the eyes of two mothers.

Not In Our Stars. It would be a better world if love knew no bounds. It might not then complicate friendships so. Slash, prostitution, sex is explicit (but not graphic).

Please see intro letter for details on why there are two stories here. Stories by Dwimordene.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:explicit  length:10-15k  pairingtype:gen  pairingtype:m/m  series  series:notinourstars  pairing:Halbarad/OMC  character:halbarad  character:aragorn  character:omc  theme:parents  theme:angst  theme:pining  theme:alternateuniverse  theme:characterstudy  status:complete  source:ao3  series:kinsmen 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Semper Fidelis
"[N]ot every action or feeling admits of the mean... We cannot do them well or not well—by committing adultery, for instance, with the right woman at the right time in the right way."--Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, Bk II.6, 1107a 10-15.

A sequel to "Not In Our Stars" (though you need not read this for that story to be complete--find it under "To Unwrite Them") in which I try to deal with the ins and outs of temptation, love, commitment, indiscretions, and authority among Rangers and their community. Turns on the standard slash h/c scenario while attempting to undermine it. Needless to say, given that, it's very angsty. Sex is explicit (but not graphic).

—by Dwimordene.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:explicit  length:10-15k  pairingtype:m/m  pairing:Halbarad/OMC  series  series:notinourstars  character:halbarad  character:omc  character:aragorn  theme:angst  theme:pining  theme:marriage  theme:infidelity  theme:extremehurtyfeels  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Heirs of Isildur
Isabeau suggested once (possibly tongue-in-cheek, so don't blame her for this!) that I write a humorous story about the marriage market pressures that Aragorn would experience as the uncrowned (and very much in the way of danger) king of Arnor and Gondor.

There is humor here, but there's also some serious talk about the place of romance in Dunedain marriages.

In any case, here is a short story featuring Halbarad and Aragorn and the facts of life.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:dwimordene  rating:gen  length:0-4k  pairingtype:gen  character:aragorn  character:halbarad  theme:friendship  theme:marriage  theme:pre-canon  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Where the Stars are Strange
Could be titled "the existential Aragorn!" When the going gets tough (or has been for awhile), Aragorn and Indirkan (OC) have some decisions to ponder. Takes place in Harad, during Aragorn's early journeys. Now completed!

Mithril Awards 2003 - Commended - Best characterisation—original character.
fandom:lotr  fic  author:dwimordene  rating:gen  pairingtype:gen  length:15-19k  character:aragorn  character:omc  theme:angst  theme:pre-canon  theme:characterstudy  theme:friendship  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
Gift of Iluvatar, The
Between Frodo and Sam's fall in Mordor to Sam's waking in Ithilien, the scenes Tolkien only hinted at...
Angst, book canon, PG, gap filler, non-slash.
fic  fandom:lotr  author:arielphf  rating:gen  length:10-15k  pairingtype:gen  character:frodobaggins  character:samwisegamgee  character:aragorn  character:ofc  character:fellowshipofthering  theme:post-ep  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:injury  status:complete  source:ao3 
14 days ago by onewordnoe
812 (rock my world) - aileron - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Which memory is going to be more awesome to look back to when you’re eighty: the time when you went and fucked a rock star or the time when you didn’t and went home instead?”
fandom:bts  note:au  medium:fic  main.ship:taegi  rating:explicit  au:musician  au:photographer  status:complete 
28 days ago by ifonlynotnever
the unseen - museaway - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
When Keith makes a rare visit to Earth, Shiro prepares to bury his feelings, not wanting to get in the way of his work. But Keith surprises him by staying. As they start to build a life together, the pressure mounts for them to get married, and Shiro learns two things: he’s not cut out for event planning, and Keith is struggling with something he’s not telling him.
fandom:voltron  status:multichapter  status:complete  wordcount:10-20k  source:ao3  author:museaway  pairing:shiro/keith  era:post-series  genre:au-canondivergence  genre:lightangst  genre:happyending  category:fix-it  category:wedding 
28 days ago by thirteenhours
A New Beginning by Makenna
What has happened to Jolinar? Is she really dead or will Martouf/Lantash find their mate again?

AU version of "In the Line of Duty" and "Tok'ra I & II"
Archive:Tokra  Fandom:SG1  Character:SamCarter  Character:Jolinar  Status:Complete  AU  AU:CannonDivergence 
4 weeks ago by Raven_Ink
He wants to hate her and he thought he'd done it, thought that if she deserved it enough he could just cut out the part of his heart that had belonged to his sister since before he could remember.
(gen)  a:foxlives  f:shameless  rated:teen  status:complete  type:oneshot  wc:002k 
5 weeks ago by amleth
The Hidden War by Keira Marcos
Harry woke from a dead sleep and stared up at the roof of the tent. He glanced toward Ron’s bed and found it empty. Frowning he slid from the bed and walked toward the main room of the tent. He heard a little thump and a muffled groan which made his stomach twist a little. He huffed and started to go back to bed—but then there was a smacking sound and a curse.

“Stop it, Ron!”
via:anyssia  archive:DW  category:F/M  status:completed  worktype:fiction  creator:KeiraMarcos  fandom:HarryPotter  character:HarryPotter  character:HermioneGranger  character:RonaldWeasley  ship:HarryPotter/HermioneGranger  saved:no  d:evil!RonaldWeasley  chapters:001  status:complete  words:008-010k 
6 weeks ago by eir

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