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A list of makers shipping live
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Indie Hackers
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yesterday by adrianmg
The Super-Quick Rise and Even Faster Fall of Groupon
"When I first met you, one of the things that everybody said was I had to read your 'I got fired' letter."
"I would watch these CEOs resign in tumult, when everybody knew they were fired, and yet they still felt the need to put up this façade, as if it was their own choice. I just didn’t want to live with that for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to have to introduce myself to someone and have them know that they’re thinking that I’m this liar."
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2 days ago by bankbryan
How to bulletproof your fundraising deck – Point Nine Land – Medium
article with links to other pitch deck info, this one is focused on TAM primarily....
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2 days ago by mgan

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