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How To Present a Quarterly Sales Forecast to Your SaaS Company Board | Kellblog
How To Present a Quarterly Sales Forecast to Your SaaS Company Board via Instapaper
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yesterday by ravivyas
The R&D technique for : Rip off & Duplicate
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yesterday by ravivyas
Mikeal Rogers on Twitter: "Starting a conference for people that work in tech but grew up poor. Talks: * Low fee ways to send money to family. * Making yourself feel ok about spending $50 on brunch. * Where people with money store their extra money instea
Fabulous Twitter thread

Starting a conference for people that work in tech but grew up poor. Talks:

* Low fee ways to send money to family.

* Making yourself feel ok about spending $50 on brunch.

* Where people with money store their extra money instead of just leaving it in your checking account.
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yesterday by cnk
Tackling Age Discrimination in Silicon Valley | WIRED
But there’s one bias that doesn’t get addressed much: age. The very people who might be affected by age discrimination often don’t want to bring it up—especially in Silicon Valley. Let’s face it: Few of us over 40 want to be considered “old” or label ourselves as outsiders. If workers do come forward, age discrimination is very hard to prove, since it’s often hidden by internal reorganizations, budget cuts, and employee “at-will” agreements. The subject of “older workers” can be a legal minefield for companies—to even acknowledge it is to open a Pandora’s box of issues.

We “elders” know perfectly well that our workplaces are by and large not about us. We don’t drive how roles, functions, advancement, and success are seen. Career development options and the hierarchical career ladders everyone is expected to climb are designed for the majority: younger workers.

What can be done? There has to be a systems overhaul before the members of the over-40 crowd can quit worrying about hair dyeing or giving themselves a crash course in pop culture. Almost everyone I know over 40 tends to omit their graduation year from their résumés and eliminate or streamline their past experiences.
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yesterday by cnk
Mesosphere revenue, etc.
“Last year in Q4 we issued news about hitting a $50m+ run rate and this year’s Q2 marks our biggest quarter ever, beating our numbers over the last 14 quarters. In fact, according to a recent report from Inc, we are the third fastest-growing software company in the U.S. with a revenue growth of 7,507 percent.”
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2 days ago by cote
Big companies v. startups
The compensation trade-off has changed a lot over time. When Paul Graham was writing in 2004, he used $80k/yr as a reasonable baseline for what “a good hacker” might make. Adjusting for inflation, that's about $100k/yr now. But the total comp for “a good hacker” is $250k+/yr, not even counting perks like free food and having really solid insurance. The trade-off has heavily tilted in favor of large companies.

The interesting work trade-off has also changed a lot over time, but the change has been… bimodal. The existence of AWS and Azure means that ideas that would have taken millions of dollars in servers and operational expertise can be done with almost no fixed cost and low marginal costs. The scope of things you can do at an early-stage startup that were previously the domain of well funded companies is large and still growing. But at the same time, if you look at the work Google and MS are publishing at top systems conferences, startups are farther from being able to reproduce the scale-dependent work than ever before (and a lot of the most interesting work doesn't get published). Depending on what sort of work you're interested in, things might look relatively better or relatively worse at big companies.
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2 days ago by chriskrycho
Women cheated on stock options
Women get half the equity in tech jobs that men do
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2 days ago by nelson
Indie Hackers: Work Together to Build Profitable Online Businesses
Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, developers, and bootstrappers who are sharing the strategies and revenue numbers behind their companies.
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2 days ago by sxalexander
Startup Pitch Decks | Attach
A collection of real fundraising decks from real startups. In total, these decks have raised over $400 million.
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3 days ago by boxman

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