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The Way We Talk About CSS
A short introspection on how some of the lesser known CSS standards can be used to link the more well known ones (eg. Grid and Flexbox) together. Also a plea to talk about CSS in a more professional manner.
RachelAndrew  grid  layout  flexbox  standards  W3C 
3 days ago by searchmeister
про стандарты - Поклонник деепричастий
Есть такой праздник - Всемирный День Стандартов (World Standards Day). Во всем мире его отмечают каждый год 14 октября, кроме США, где в этом году его отмечают 18 октября, и Канады (4 октября). Это не шутка.
standards  america  funny 
7 days ago by some_hren
Wi-Fi Alliance moves to version numbers, recommends new visual UI indicators | iLounge News
The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that it is simplifying the naming conventions for Wi-Fi standards with the introduction of “Wi-Fi 6,” a new designation for the protocol otherwise known as 801.11ax. With the new standard comes a generational renaming of other recent Wi-Fi standards to provide more clarity on where they fit into the spectrum — 802.11n will become “Wi-Fi 4” and 802.11ac will henceforth be known as “Wi-Fi 5.” While one could assume that this would mean that older 802.11b and 802.11g technologies also get similar designations, such as “Wi-Fi 1” for the original 802.11b standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance’s announcement and corresponding Generational Wi-Fi User Guide provide no references to any standards older than Wi-Fi 4, so it appears the Alliance will simply be ignoring the prior standards, which makes some sense considering the majority of modern consumer devices provide at least Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) support.
wi-fi  networking  standards  simplicity 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Space Exploration History: The Space Shuttle and the Horse's Rear End
"Specifications and bureaucracies live forever." Or: why a Solid Rocket Booster is the width of a Roman chariot. This is good.
history  technology  standards  bureaucracy  horse  horses  horseshorseshorses  via:infovore 
10 days ago by Vincennes

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