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GitHub - gto76/standard-aliases: Attempt at defining standard extension to Linux in form of Bash functions
Attempt at defining standard extension to Linux in form of Bash functions - gto76/standard-aliases
bash  alias  standard  proposal  useful  productivity  linux  scripting 
yesterday by gilberto5757
A specification for building APIs in JSON.
json  apis  specification  standard  architecture 
2 days ago by tqmz
Promising standard that annotates any piece of a web resource e.g. specific phrase in an html page
5 days ago by cldwalker
Five ways life would be better if it were always daylight saving time |
Daylight Savings Time saves lives and energy and prevents crime. Here's the case for having it year-round
daylight  saving  time  health  standard 
6 days ago by mifepba
draft-ietf-oauth-token-exchange-16 - OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange
Delegation vs. Impersonation Semantics

When principal A impersonates principal B, A is given all the rights
that B has within some defined rights context and is
indistinguishable from B in that context. Thus, when principal A
impersonates principal B, then in so far as any entity receiving such
a token is concerned, they are actually dealing with B. It is true
that some members of the identity system might have awareness that
impersonation is going on, but it is not a requirement. For all
intents and purposes, when A is impersonating B, A is B.

Jones, et al. Expires April 22, 2019 [Page 4]

Internet-Draft OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange October 2018

Delegation semantics are different than impersonation semantics,
though the two are closely related. With delegation semantics,
principal A still has its own identity separate from B and it is
explicitly understood that while B may have delegated some of its
rights to A, any actions taken are being taken by A representing B.
In a sense, A is an agent for B.

Delegation and impersonation are not inclusive of all situations.
When a principal is acting directly on its own behalf, for example,
neither delegation nor impersonation are in play. They are, however,
the more common semantics operating for token exchange and, as such,
are given more direct treatment in this specification.
security  privacy  standard  api 
6 days ago by janpeuker
A Summary of the Metaclasses Proposal for C++ - Fluent C++
Metaclasses are a structuring change proposed for C++. I've read the 37-page-long proposal for you, and summed it up to show you what this is about.
C++  C++2x  programming  code  writing  reference  standard  development  metaclasses  introspection  reflection 
6 days ago by setecastronomy
also need to read these standards. I wonder how I find out which is more commonly used in industry
standard  energy  storage  microgrid  dep  solar 
6 days ago by aaronbeekay
SunSpec Specifications & Information Models - SunSpec Alliance -
should read this spec to see if it is everything we need or not
dep  api  standard  solar  microgrid 
6 days ago by aaronbeekay
Embracing open banking and API ecosystem | HackerEarth Blog
What is open banking and API ecosystem? What are the regulatory changes and the potential implications? How to leverage the external developer community.
banking  standard  api  intro  article 
8 days ago by gilberto5757
TV networks partner to standardize addressable advertising
Yet another consortium is forming among TV companies-this time to establish standards in addressable advertising.
Dubbed  "Project  OAR_"  which  stands  for  Open  Addressable  Ready_  the  goal  is  to  develop  and  deploy  a  new_  standard  for  delivering  ads  to  individual  households  on  smart  TVs_  which  is  known  as  advertising. 
9 days ago by palfiericmw
"query language for rdf"
standard  rdf  semweb 
13 days ago by cldwalker
Compact yet readable representation of rdf. My preferred semweb format. Compatible with n-triples
rdf  standard 
14 days ago by cldwalker

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