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Current USPS Postage Rate Charts - simple tables
This is actually a pretty handy page of postage rates.
postage  stamps  usps  2018 
8 days ago by handcoding
A Black Kid In A Hoodie Brings Tidings Of Comfort And Joy | HuffPost
"When the presidential debate facilitators of the future begin the discussions by asking, “Name your favorite children’s book?” which titles will the candidates reel off?"
HuffingtonPost  Snowy-Day  stamps 
8 weeks ago by jschneider
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building rubber stamps using 3d printing for mold making
openscad  stamps  silicone 
9 weeks ago by anotherjesse
Yazid on Twitter
Tweet: "I spent a fascinating hour at the market this morning at a collector's stall. Took some photos of his Brunei stamp collection which spanned…"
brunei-tweets  2017  photos  stamps  philately  cat:info 
12 weeks ago by hazm8
Food stamps and crime - Marginal REVOLUTION
We find that staggering SNAP benefits throughout the month leads to a 32 percent decrease in grocery store theft and reduces monthly cyclicity in grocery store crimes.
SNAP  food  stamps  crime 
november 2017 by berend
Maritime Topics On Stamps: The Great Bitter Lake Locals !
In June of 1967, a convoy of 14 freighters was underway in the Suez Canal, northbound, when war broke out between Israel and Egypt. The canal was officially closed and the ships had to anchor in the Great Bitter Lake. Within three days it became clear that the canal was going to be blockaded for an indefinite amont of time due to the deliberate sinking of vessels. The hostilities entered history books as the Six-Day-War. For the ships it meant almost eight years of forced isolation, imprisoned in the Great Bitter Lake.
Stamps  Ships  SixDayWar  SuezCanal 
september 2017 by NightOwlCity
Dorothy - Stamp Albums: Post-Punk - Dorothy - Bleep - Your Source for Independent Music - Download MP3, WAV and FLAC, Buy Vinyl, CD and Merchandise
Dorothy follows the Electronic Love blueprint with the Stamp Albums series. First up is the Post-Punk print featuring 48 seminal post-punk albums as an oversize sheet of collectable postage stamps.
art  posters  stamps  postpunk 
september 2017 by bezthomas

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