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Skeet's top 5 things he dislikes about C#
Aligns almost perfectly with my own gripes. Little discussion of the 'virtual' keyword though, or of nullability.

From 2008. None of the issues have been addressed.
C#  StackOverflow  discussion  programmingLanguages  objectOrientedProgramming 
2 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Unions and type-punning - Stack Overflow
> type-punning through unions is perfectly fine in C (but not in C++)

Another answer says it’s ‘unclear’ whether it’s UB in C++
C  C++  StackOverflow  discussion 
3 days ago by MaxBarraclough
MySQL Join Where Not Exists
I have a MySQL query that joins two tables



they join on voters.household_id and

Now what i need to do is to modify it where the voter table is joined to a third table called elimination, along and elimination.voter_id, how ever the catch is that i want to exclude any records in the voter table that have a corresponding record in the elimination table. how do i craft a query to do this?

this is my current query

SELECT `voter`.`ID`, `voter`.`Last_Name`, `voter`.`First_Name`,

`voter`.`Middle_Name`, `voter`.`Age`, `voter`.`Sex`,

`voter`.`Party`, `voter`.`Demo`, `voter`.`PV`,

`household`.`Address`, `household`.`City`, `household`.`Zip`

FROM (`voter`)

JOIN `household` ON `voter`.`House_ID`=`household`.`id`

WHERE `CT` = '5'

AND `Precnum` = 'CTY3'

AND `Last_Name` LIKE '%Cumbee%'

AND `First_Name` LIKE '%John%'

ORDER BY `Last_Name` ASC

5 days ago by broderboy
Best way to power a microcontroller, SMPS vs Linear Regulator - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
"[buck converter for 12V adapter feeding MCU] is indeed much more power efficient, especially if there is a big difference in the input voltage vs output voltage, which is your case here. The buck will output almost the same power than it takes at the input (efficiencies are typically ~80-90%), whereas the linear regulator will take as much current as input as it needs to supply (which means that efficiency is Vout/Vin, something like ~27-44% in your case, which is very bad). Yes, this is actually the only reason why linear regulator can be a bad choice: the efficency (and your computation of dissipated heat is fine)."
stackoverflow  electronics  power 
6 days ago by mechazoidal

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