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Command Line Environment - Tower Help
In case you're using a special authentication mechanism, like a smartcard (e.g. Yubikey), you can set this up here too. This should be similar to: <dict>...<key>SSH_AUTH_SOCK</key><string>/Users/username/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent.ssh</string></dict>
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7 hours ago by dlkinney
ParallelSSH/parallel-ssh: Asynchronous parallel SSH client library.
Non-blocking, asynchronous parallel SSH client library.

Run SSH commands over many - hundreds/hundreds of thousands - number of servers asynchronously and with minimal system load on the client host.

Native code based client with extremely high performance - based on libssh2 C library.
python  library  tool  ssh  sftp  remote-execution 
14 hours ago by bkittelmann
Безопасный SOCKS5 прокси для Telegram за 1 Евро и 10 минут / Блог компании Аладдин Р.Д. / Хабрахабр
Решил проверить предложение итальянского хостинг-провайдера Aruba , который предлагает VPS за 1 евро в месяц с белым IP, входящим в эту цену. За 1 евро получил боевой сервер с 1 ядром. 1 Гб памяти, 20 Гб хранилища, 2 Тб трафика в месяц. В качестве операционной системы я выбрал свою любимую Ubuntu server 16.04. В качестве прокси сервера — Dante.
Зачем еще какие либо SOCKS серверы, если SSH уже с SOCKSом на борту?
ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080 user@server

вы кстати в курсе, что useradd --shell /usr/sbin/nologin username не спасает ваш сервер от логина под этим пользователем по ssh? по логину и паролю? надо в конфиге ssh указать

Match User user1,user2,user3,user4
PasswordAuthentication no
internet  vpn  proxy  ssh  privacy  telegram 
yesterday by some_hren
How To Route Web Traffic Securely Without a VPN Using a SOCKS Tunnel
Sometimes you're on a network that's insecure or has an overly restrictive firewall, and you need to access a website. You want to make sure no one in the middle is watching the traffic.

One solution is a VPN, but many VPNs require special client software on your machine, which you may not have rights to install.

If all you need to secure is your web browsing, there is a simple alternative: a SOCKS 5 proxy tunnel.

A SOCKS proxy is basically an SSH tunnel in which specific applications forward their traffic down the tunnel to the server, and then on the server end, the proxy forwards the traffic out to the general Internet. Unlike a VPN, a SOCKS proxy has to be configured on an app by app basis on the client machine, but can be set up without any specialty client agents.
ssh  proxy  vpn  terminal 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
Tyblog | SSH Kung Fu
una serie di caso d'uso utili per SSH
yesterday by microspino
Install a CentOS 7 Minimal Virtual Machine with VirtualBox
Step-By-Step instructions to setting up a minimal CentOS 7 virtual machine with VirtualBox.
linux  centos  installation  virtual-box  vm  vdi  redhat  command-line  ssh  image 
2 days ago by jmsmrgn
OpenWRT in Virtualbox
A collection of articles related to life and adventures in the open source community.
open  router  virtual  box  command  line  installation  ssh  head  less  lan  network  dhcp  5* 
3 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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