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dbdiagram.io - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool
Online tool to create your database diagrams and relations using a simple DSL. Can be exported to e.g. MySQL or PSQL as well as PDF or PNG.
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yesterday by taffit
Free Online version of pgFormatter a PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier (no line limit here up to 100000 characters). This SQL formatter/beautifier supports keywords from SQL-92, SQL-99, SQL-2003, SQL-2008, SQL-2011 and PostgreSQL specifics keywords. May works with any other databases too.
sql  postgres 
yesterday by pks
Pick a Vulnerability to Learn About
Un sistema che insegna a comprendere le vulnerability dal SQL Injection al upload di un file al password mismanagement
Sicurezza  SQL  Istruzione 
2 days ago by vittoriozuccala
Using SQL to query Kafka, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis with Presto
Using SQL to query Kafka, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis with Presto - Added April 27, 2018 at 03:38PM
data-engineering  db  kafka  read2of  sql  tutorial 
2 days ago by xenocid
How Elixir’s Ecto differs from Ruby’s ActiveRecord
It’s interesting how much lazy evaluation hurts ActiveRecord. This is another case where “explicit is better than implicit”.

I didn’t know ActiveRecord held onto database connections for so long.

Changesets and validations are where Ecto really shines.
elixir  ecto  ruby  activerecord  database  performance  sql 
2 days ago by jefframnani

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