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A command-line GO Postgres query visualizer, heavily inspired by the excellent (web-based) pev
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yesterday by joecamel
Faster Operations with the JSONB Data Type in PostgreSQL - Compose Articles
book_id serial NOT NULL,
data jsonb

INSERT INTO books VALUES (1, '{"title": "Sleeping Beauties", "genres": ["Fiction", "Thriller", "Horror"], "published": false}');
INSERT INTO books VALUES (2, '{"title": "Influence", "genres": ["Marketing & Sales", "Self-Help ", "Psychology"], "published": true}');
INSERT INTO books VALUES (3, '{"title": "The Dictator''s Handbook", "genres": ["Law", "Politics"], "authors": ["Bruce Bueno de Mesquita", "Alastair Smith"], "published": true}');
INSERT INTO books VALUES (4, '{"title": "Deep Work", "genres": ["Productivity", "Reference"], "published": true}');
INSERT INTO books VALUES (5, '{"title": "Siddhartha", "genres": ["Fiction", "Spirituality"], "published": true}');

SELECT data->'title' AS title FROM books;

SELECT * FROM books WHERE data->'published' = 'false';

SELECT jsonb_array_elements_text(data->'genres') AS genre
FROM books
WHERE book_id = 1;
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3 days ago by dza

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