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Run SQL queries against Wikipedia & other databases from your browser!
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29 minutes ago by jberkel
tanelpoder/tpt-oracle: Tanel Poder's Troubleshooting & Performance Tools for Oracle databases
These sqlplus scripts are for Oracle Database performance optimization & troubleshooting. Most of the scripts should be runnable directly from SQL Developer too.
oracle  sql  queries  performance  troubleshoot 
13 hours ago by some_hren
SQL interface to Git repositories, written in Go.

gitbase, is a SQL database interface to Git repositories.

It can be used to perform SQL queries about the Git history and about the Universal AST of the code itself. gitbase is being built to work on top of any number of git repositories.

gitbase implements the MySQL wire protocol, it can be accessed using any MySQL client or library from any language.
git  github  sql  database 
15 hours ago by davidgasperoni
FORWARD Web Application Framework
A declarative, rapid development framework for data-driven Ajax reports and applications.
Rich visualizations and collaborative workflows require only a few lines of SQL-based code and visualization/interaction markup.
sameAs: http://forward.ucsd.edu/
crud  rad  sql  visualization  ide 
yesterday by slowbyte
SQL++ is a highly expressive semi-structured query language that encompasses both the SQL and the JSON data model. SQL++ is SQL backwards-compatible.
sql  database  language 
yesterday by slowbyte
SQL Queries for Funnel Analysis – Stats and Bots
Analyzing funnels in an SQL database is not a hard task when you know the right queries. Using SQL language, you can dive into complex funnels and event flow analysis to gain insights into your…
sql  funnel 
yesterday by jbrok
SQL Window Functions Tutorial for Business Analysis
In this SQL window functions tutorial, we will describe how these functions work in general, what is behind their syntax, and show how to answer these questions with pure SQL.
sql  window  function  redshift 
yesterday by jbrok

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