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T-Mobile CEO Defends Sprint Merger as Opposition Mounts - Bloomberg
Staff attorneys at the Justice Department are leaning against the deal and outlined their concerns to company officials at a meeting in recent weeks, according to three people familiar with the discussions. A final decision hasn’t been made.
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Verizon said it turned on 5G wireless in two cities. Here’s what it is, and who can access it.
Verizon said Wednesday it had turned on its ultrafast 5G wireless network in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis, though it will be available only to certain subscribers who pay a fee and own a compatible smartphone.

The move makes Verizon the first wireless carrier in the United States to flip the switch on speedy, smartphone-ready 5G service in select urban areas, the company said in a statement, though other U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have pledged to do the same in the coming months.
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AT&T is being criticized for upgrading its phones to ‘fake’ 5G. Now Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are piling on.
T-Mobile never wastes an opportunity to roast the competition.

So it was only a matter of time before the wireless carrier tweaked AT&T over its decision to advertise its mobile data network as “5G E” on certain smartphones, replacing the old “LTE” symbol that most users are familiar with. The change is active in hundreds of markets nationwide and applies to AT&T customers using the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the LG V30 and the LG V40.

On Monday, T-Mobile tweeted a video showing a disembodied thumb applying a “9G” sticky note to one of its smartphones. The sticker covered up the label showing that the device was in fact connected to T-Mobile’s LTE network.

“Didn’t realize it was this easy, brb updating,” the tweet said.

T-Mobile chief executive John Legere joined in the ribbing Monday: “Does @ATT really think that customers would fall for their mountain of ‘5G E’ BS?!” Legere tweeted. “Their ‘5G E’ is just LTE-A.”

Verizon piled on Tuesday as well, publishing an open letter in major newspapers claiming that “when we say ‘5G,’ we mean 5G.”

"People need a clear, consistent and simple understanding of 5G so they are able to compare services, plans and products, without having to maneuver through marketing doublespeak or technical specifications,” Verizon said.

And Sprint’s chief technology officer, John Saw, said Tuesday in a statement that “AT&T is blatantly misleading consumers — 5G E is not real 5G."

The jabs from other carriers arguing that AT&T’s “5G E” isn’t true 5G is the latest salvo in a growing marketing war over next-generation mobile networks. And the result is a whole lot of confused consumers.
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T-Mobile acknowledges its patronage of Trump’s Washington hotel increased sharply after announcement of merger with Sprint
T-Mobile’s patronage of President Trump’s Washington hotel increased sharply after the announcement in April of its merger with Sprint, with executives spending about $195,000 at the property since then, the company told congressional Democrats in a letter last month.

Before news of the megadeal between rival companies broke on April 29, the company said, only two top officials from T-Mobile had ever stayed at Trump’s hotel, with one overnight stay each in August 2017.

But the day after the merger’s announcement, nine of T-Mobile’s top executives were scheduled to check in, The Washington Post reported in January. The Post, relying on internal Trump hotel documents, found that T-Mobile executives had reserved at least 52 nights at the hotel since the announcement.

In a Feb. 21 letter responding to questions from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), the company for the first time disclosed its total spending at the Trump hotel during that period.

The roughly $195,000 paid for “meeting space, catering, business center services, audio/visual equipment rental [and] lodging” at Trump’s hotel near the White House, according to the letter from Anthony Russo, T-Mobile USA’s vice president of federal legislative affairs.
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T-Mobile admits it spent $195,000 on Trump’s hotel while lobbying for Sprint merger
T-Mobile has admitted that after it began lobbying for a merger with Sprint, it started to book stays for top executives at President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel. Over ten months, T-Mobile spent a total of $195,000 at the Trump hotel, it detailed in a letter to Congress Democrats last month that was seen by The Washington Post.

Last April, T-Mobile announced it was merging with Sprint. But for the merger to go through, it still needs the Trump administration to give its approval, as well as the Federal Communications Commission. In January, The Washington Post found that just a day after the merger was announced, the carrier booked nine T-Mobile executives to stay at Trump’s hotel. While at the hotel, the executives wore bright magenta shirts with the company logo.
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In The T-Mobile And Sprint Merger, Bet On Magenta - T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) | Seeking Alpha
In short, what investors are looking at is a company that is thriving and growing (T-Mobile) and a company that is struggling to stay relevant (Sprint). Investors who are hoping this merger goes through also need to look at the several challenges facing the “new T-Mobile.”
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