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Andy Reid Never Left College
"How a 59-year-old football lifer became the most influential innovator in the league"
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yesterday by jimmykduong
On the Margins: How Pitch-Framing Became More Important—and More Common—Than Ever
"Catchers like Jorge Alfaro and Tyler Flowers have mastered backstop sleight of hand, giving their teams a better shot at winning. But the gap between them and their peers is shrinking by the season."
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yesterday by jimmykduong
I’m glad I started a debate, says athlete who breastfed on ultra-marathon
Overall, though, Power feels her 15 minutes of fame have sent out a strong and unambiguous message. “This picture has allowed women to say: ‘When we become mothers our self-identity doesn’t change.’ We shouldn’t have to lose who we were before we were mothers. Men certainly don’t. You see all these great pictures of dads crossing finishing lines with their babies. Why do we as a society see that as different for the mother?”
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3 days ago by terry
N.F.L. Hall of Famers Demand Health Insurance and Share of Revenue - The New York Times
A group of Hall of Famers led by Eric Dickerson is demanding health insurance coverage and a share of N.F.L. revenues or else those former players will boycott the induction ceremonies.
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5 days ago by noiseguy

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