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A closer look at who makes the NHL, who falls short and why | Justin Bourne | The Athletic
..When discussing where a player fits into the pro hockey picture, the biggest misconception is the belief that the hockey gods have bestowed NHL talent to some, and only AHL talent to others (that's likely borne out of the belief that the NHL and AHL are miles apart). It's column A and column B. For example, it's been said: Seth Griffith in an NHL-calibre player. Well, he is and he isn't. It's a fluid situation. Hockey talent isn't neatly split into two columns: one NHL and one AHL. Instead it's more like two sides of a folded piece of paper that's being cut down the middle by a toddler — it veers in unpredictable ways. It's the same in deciding who gets a shot in the NHL and who doesn't. Around the fringes, an awful lot comes down to chance.

..In sum, it takes a lot of skill and will to get around that line, but from there there’s a lot of luck involved for borderline players. Guys like Ben Smith, Byron Froese, Fred Gauthier, Nikita Soshnikov, Brendan Leipsic and Josh Leivo, and on and on — how much money they earn, how much time they spend in each league, etc. How their careers unfold can simply be based on the opinions of a few men who either kind of like them or kind of don’t. Maybe in another organization, in another life, they’d have been given a chance to thrive and would have seized it — or maybe they’d have never seen the big league for a shift. Lives and franchises can be altered by difficult decisions on the fringes.
2 hours ago by AfroMaestro
The Nurse Who Took a Very Different Route to 2nd Place in the Boston Marathon - The New York Times
via Pocket - The Nurse Who Took a Very Different Route to 2nd Place in the Boston Marathon - Added April 18, 2018 at 12:32AM
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18 hours ago by mikele
The Disgrace of Minor League Baseball
"It’s not that MLB owners can’t afford to pay their minor leaguers a living wage. No, it’s just that they don’t want to."
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
Training Partners | superteam
My friend Jim writing about running with his running group, and with his Dad. Made me want to go out and run. 🏃‍♂️
2 days ago by thingles
ESPN’s Streaming Service Is A Peek At The Future Of ESPN—And Disney
ESPN+ caters to sports fans in ways traditional TV can’t. And the lessons Disney learns could be invaluable as it launches new direct-to-consumer services.
When Disney CEO Bob Iger presided over a quarterly earnings call in August 2017, he didn’t just recap the media giant’s recent financial performance. He also unveiled wildly ambitious plan to give the company control over its own future in the era of streaming video.
The headline news was that the company had decided to get out of the business of supplying content to Netflix in favor of launching its own direct-to-consumer streaming service featuring Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel titles, debuting in late 2019 once all the necessary rights were back in hand. Disney was also taking a 75% ownership stake in BAMTech, the streaming technology company originally founded by Major League Baseball, providing it with a robust platform of its own for new services. And Iger announced that a new streaming service from Disney’s ESPN arm—once expected to launch by the end of 2016—would be ready by early 2018.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
NBA Regular-Season Ratings Hit 4-Year High – Variety
For the regular season, which ended earlier this month, Nielsen-measured average total viewers for national telecasts of NBA games was up 8% from 2016-17 at 1.28 million. That’s across the league’s four television-network partners — ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT — and the highest average since the NBA’s 2013-14 season.

All four networks saw viewership climb this season, with broadcaster ABC up 17% from last season. On cable, TNT was up 13% from last season. ESPN was up 4% and NBA TV up 1%.
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6 days ago by JohnDrake

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