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Splitting a landscape PDF in 2 equal portrait halves - Technical Issues and Assistance / Applications - Manjaro Linux Forum
This is a “specific” thing that I am looking for a linux solution to, so I thought any of you may know the answer. When I design books into Draw I design them in landscape mode (for design reasons) so I end up with a PDF…
pdf  howto  split 
4 weeks ago by raphman
Diocletian's Palace - Wikipedia
Of Cabbages and Emperors. After twenty-one stressful years as Roman emperor, Diocletian retired to the peaceful gardens of his hometown of Split, Croatia to grow cabbages.
architecture  palace  garden  politics  roman  history  reference  split  croatia 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog
OpenVPN SplitTunneling on OpenWRT – Amedeo Baragiola – Medium
Split-tunneling is a networking technique that lets you route traffic to different network gateways depending on where it is coming from (or better on its source IP address). We own an OpenWRT router…
openwrt  nord  vpn  split  tunnel 
6 weeks ago by jgear

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