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Set Up Custom Domain Authentication: DKIM and SPF
Set up your custom domain authentication so campaigns appear to come from your domain. Make your campaigns look more professional and avoid spam folders.
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16 days ago by jennettefulda
Implementing SPF checks in Postfix
Sender Policy Framework (SPF), as defined in RFC 4408, is an e-mail validation system designed to prevent e-mail spam by addressing a common vulnerability, source address spoofing. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send e-mail from a given domain by creating a specific DNS SPF record in the public DNS. Mail exchangers then use the DNS to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain’s administrators.
mailserver  spf  spam  postfix 
19 days ago by dusko
I’ve Got 99 Problems But SPF Ain’t One | Valimail
Partly a sales pitch, but a good overview of the problems with using SPF with cloud emailers.
spf  email  work 
22 days ago by ahall
Publications | Outflank
DoH turning into a Doh! You may begin to hate yourselves...
virus  C2  secondary  communications  channel  beacon  DNS  DoH  HTTPS  SSL  TLS  SPF  security  hacking  pentesting  redteam 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
SPF レコードの例 | なりすまし対策ポータル ナリタイ
7 weeks ago by oppara

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