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LazyLoad (vanilla-lazyload) | LazyLoad is a fast, lightweight and flexible script that speeds up your web application by loading images only as they enter the viewport. LazyLoad supports responsive images.
they say: LazyLoad is a fast, lightweight and flexible script that speeds up your web application by loading images only as they enter the viewport. LazyLoad supports responsive images
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yesterday by piperh
SpeedReader: Fast and Private Reader Mode for the Web | Brave Browser
We look forward to implementing SpeedReader in future versions of the Brave browser to improve the user experience when these aforementioned optimisations are not present or not sufficient.
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6 days ago by trevormeier
UserBenchmark: Liteonit LCS-256L9S-11 2.5 7mm vs SK hynix SH920
Based on 2,274 user benchmarks for the Liteonit LCS-256L9S-11 2.5 7mm and the SK hynix SH920 2.5, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 970 SSDs.
ssd  hardware  speed  hynix  liteon 
9 days ago by otlib
At Their Own Speed and Peril by HiNerdsItsCat (HiLarpItsCat) (Star Wars Prequels)

The Jedi Council granted Obi-Wan the rank of Jedi Knight after the Battle of Naboo, but deemed him too young to take sole responsibility for Anakin Skywalker. The only available solution was for a Jedi Master to supervise Obi-Wan and his Padawan until the Council decided that Obi-Wan was ready to assume those duties alone.

Unfortunately, the only Jedi Master who volunteered was an impulsive, erratic, highly disruptive Corellian named Nejaa Halcyon. A Jedi who was extremely upset to learn that he had to stay on Coruscant from now on.

Now, Obi-Wan is stuck trying to not only manage his nine-year-old Padawan but also rein in a fully-grown adult who seems to be doing everything in his power to get sent home to Corellia.

And the Council thought that Obi-Wan wasn't mature enough…


“The Halcyons were strong in the Force but not flashy or given to public displays of power. A word here, an act there, allowing people to choose between good or evil at their own speed and peril…” — Excerpt from I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole

“I think I’ll put a wideview holoprojector right where you’re standing.” — Corran Horn, in the same novel, shortly before getting the shit kicked out of him by a ghost.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:nejaa_halcyon  description:canon-divergence  description:obi-wan-gets-help-with-anakin  rating:teen  genre:gen  genre:poly  author:hinerdsitscat  title:at  their  own  speed  and  peril 
12 days ago by isoldam
ABAPblog.com - Speed-up your Eclipse installation
speed  eclipse  development  ide  slow  howto 
12 days ago by nununo
Why modern chess needs an injection of old-fashioned thrills
NOVEMBER 30, 2018 | Financial Times | A K Thomson.

The recent chess world championships Fabiano Caruana, the creative and dynamic Italian-American player, was the first US-born grandmaster to reach a world championship final since Fischer’s 1972 victory and Magnus Carlsen, the cool and clinical Norwegian who has sat at the top of the chess world for the best part of a decade, were a dud.

The multi-game match, played in London over nearly three weeks, lurched, sputtered and then fizzled out as the players, locked in concentration for hours at a time, produced draw after draw — 12 of them in total. This was not the content chess organizers wanted or needed in their efforts to promote the game to a wider audience.….Russian Alexander Grischuk, one of the top 10 players in the world, described the majority of the match as “three weeks of boredom”. If chess were still a backwater pursuit, as it has been for much of its 1,500-year history, none of this would matter. But, in the digital era, the sport has become more accessible and popular than ever before. Once the preserve of Europeans and Russians, who had a monopoly on the latest theory in books and pamphlets, chess in the 21st century has taken hold in India, China, Iran and dozens of other countries without a long-playing tradition. Millions of people join millions of games online every day. Chess.com, one of many popular sites, hosts about 3.5m games played daily by its 27m registered users in more than 140 countries. Nearly all of those games use a so-called blitz or bullet format, where players have just a few minutes — and sometimes less than 60 seconds — to make all of their moves. In chess, speed equals thrills. Like gamers, the world’s best bullet players use special mouses: click speed and accuracy have become part of the modern game. Sites offer as standard a “pre-move” feature that allows a player to gain time by committing to his or her next move before their opponent has even decided what to play. Against that backdrop, this week’s turgid world championship was an advertisement against long time controls.
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14 days ago by jerryking

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