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OpenAPI Map
The OpenAPI Map (fka. OpenAPI Specification Visual Document) aims to help you find your way in the OpenAPI Specification (fka. Swagger Specification) documentation.
openapi  specification  api  visualisation 
yesterday by garrettc
Adopting OpenAPI to describe DNSimple API v2 - DNSimple Blog
We're adopting OpenAPI as a way to define and document the DNSimple API. Read on to find out how and why.
swagger  api  specification 
6 days ago by ianweatherhogg
DNSimple API v2 OpenAPI definition in depth - DNSimple Blog
Let's dive deep into the OpenAPI v3 definition of the DNSimple API and see what lies within.
api  specification  swagger 
6 days ago by ianweatherhogg
http2 explained - The HTTP/2 book
Describes the protocol HTTP/2 at a technical and protocol level. Background, the protocol, the implementations and the future. Written by Daniel Stenberg.
HTTP  specification  protocol  reference  learning  books  online  free  networking 
13 days ago by liqweed
HTTP/3 explained
An online book that documents HTTP/3 and its underlying protocol: QUIC. Why, how they work, protocol details, the implementations and more.

The book is entirely free and is meant to be a collaborative effort involving anyone and everyone who wants to help out.
HTTP  specification  protocol  reference  learning  books  free  networking 
13 days ago by liqweed
draft-ietf-tls-subcerts-02 - Delegated Credentials for TLS
CDN 側に TLS 終端のためのクレデンシャルを移譲する仕組みか。いいね。
tls  cdn  security  specification 
17 days ago by summerwind

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