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Man Accidentally Swallows AirPod, AirPod Keeps On Rocking
This is only the begin of internal organ sound amplification. Where is the swallowable subwoofer?
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14 days ago by jntolva
I am very happy to be a at APJ !

My session title is: Access Management:…
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23 days ago by TomRaftery
Upcoming Speaker Engagements, Meetups or other Appointments » TechGuy
Hi, some exciting weeks and month are coming up, some Speaker Engagements, Meetups or Sponsor Slots are around. So if you like to meet, feel free to visit and talk to me.


System Center User Group Munich – 17. April 2019 – Microsoft München – Phönix aus der Asche – Service Management und Automatisierung mit System Center

Signup: https://www.meetup.com/System-Center-Usergroup-Munich-SCUGDE/events/258897775/

CDC-Germany – 21, 22. May 2019 – Congress Park Hanau – Service Management und Automatisierung mit System Center aus der Praxis

Tickets: https://www.cdc-germany.de/#tickets


Experts Live Norway – 29. May 2019 – Felix Conference Center, Oslo – Silver Sponsor with au2mator Self Service Portal

Tickets: https://expertslive.no/tickets/

Experts Live Switzerland – 20. June 2019 – Welle 7, Bern – Silver Sponsor with au2mator Self Service Portal

Tickets: https://www.expertslive.ch/anmeldung

Looking forward to see and meet a lot of People.

Michael Seidl aka Techguy


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7 weeks ago by seidlm

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