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About time: why western philosophy can only teach us so much | News | The Guardian
Muecke cites the Australian academic Tony Swain’s view that the concept of linear time is a kind of fall from place. “I’ve got a hunch that modern physics separated out those dimensions and worked on them, and so we produced time as we know it through a whole lot of experimental and theoretical activities,” Muecke told me. “If you’re not conceptually and experimentally separating those dimensions, then they would tend to flow together.” His indigenous friends talk less of time or place independently, but more of located events. The key temporal question is not “When did this happen?” but “How is this related to other events?”
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Whaaaaaat 🤪🤩, a brand new book on with and , and it's available online…
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CARTO — Location Intelligence Software
CARTO is the platform to build powerful Location Intelligence apps with the best data streams available.
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are much richer when we include context. See standard, familar statistical measures & their sp…
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About – Virtual Railfan, Inc.
New locations can be sponsored for $5000 per year and this can be a location of your choice.*  

*If permission can be obtained.  
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Today is your last chance to enjoy early bird pricing on the Conference in NYC. Make sure to…
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