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The Spamhaus Project
The Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit organization that tracks spam and related cyber threats such as phishing, malware and botnets, provides realtime actionable and highly accurate threat intelligence to the Internet's major networks, corporations and security vendors, and works with law enforcement agencies to identify and pursue spam and malware sources worldwide.

Founded in 1998, Spamhaus is based in Geneva, Switzerland and London, UK and is run by a dedicated staff of 38 investigators, forensics specialists and network engineers located in 10 nations.
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april 2017 by cyberchucktx
A Survival Guide for the Small Mail Server
Nowadays many companies and organizations (non-profits, units of governmental and educational institutions, etc) believe that running their own mail servers has become an impossible task, due both to the large amount of inbound spam and to the continuous attempts by spammers to send outbound spam through their mail servers. Companies often lack in-house technical resources to configure and run a mail server properly and deal with these threats. For these reasons, many organizations decide to outsource their email service to external entities.
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march 2015 by GameGamer43
No, Internet non si è rotta | Il Post
Nel tardo pomeriggio di giovedì 27 marzo diversi siti di news online hanno dato la notizia di un grande attacco informatico, su larga scala, alla base di grandi rallentamenti delle connessioni Internet su scala globale. Il New York Times ha parlato del “più grande attacco informatico” di sempre che abbia interessato la rete, e per diverso tempo anche i siti di BBC e di altre testate hanno tenuto la stessa linea. La notizia è stata ripresa anche in Italia su diversi giornali giovedì 28 marzo, con titoli come quello del Corriere della Sera: «”Il più grande attacco di sempre” Internet inceppato per vendetta».

A dirla tutta, nelle ore in cui è stata annunciata la presenza dell’attacco non risulta che Internet abbia subito particolari rallentamenti, come spiega efficacemente e con diverse prove Sam Biddle sul sito di tecnologia Gizmodo.
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april 2013 by kOoLiNuS
Spamhaus victim of BGP route hijacking
Pretty major hi-jinks. Neil Schwartzman says it didn't go on for long, but still, this is crazy antics.

As can seen from the BGP output, we were using a /32 route going over AS 34109. This was highly suspicious for two reasons. First, a /32 route refers only to a single IP address. Except in special cases, routes are normally /24 (256 hosts) or larger. Second, the AS 34109 belongs to CB3ROB which is an Internet provider that has actually been in conflict with Spamhaus (see: spamhaus; allspammedup; theregister). Certainly they weren’t running a legitimate Spamhaus server. It seems clear that the CB3ROB network hijacked one (or more) of the IP addresses of Spamhaus, and installed a DNS server there which incorrectly returns positive results to every query. The result causes harm to Spamhaus users and their customers, making Spamhaus unusable for anyone unable to correct the problem as we did, and perhaps even undermining the credibility of Spamhaus itself.
spamhaus  security  bgp  peering  internet  routing  hacking  dns  dnsbls  cb3rob  as-34109 
march 2013 by jm
SpamHaus IP hijacked
Seriously ugly move in a stupid Internet war
badtech  security  spamhaus  cyberbunker 
march 2013 by nelson
The Spamhaus/CloudFlare "Internet-breaking" attack is really not a big deal
This is primarily some really great marketing on CloudFlare's part, which got picked up by some credulous mainstream reporters (notably at the BBC and the NYT), neither of whom bothered to follow-up with the real tier-1 bandwidth providers. When actually reached for comment, they responded that the attack was quite possibly the biggest ever seen against a single entity, but was a drop in the bucket of global bandwidth and didn't cause any major disruption.

Of course, Gizmodo then hurts their case somewhat by citing Amazon's AWS uptime page as evidence of all being well, when anybody familiar with AWS knows that the entire planet could be on fire and AWS would still be all green.
aws  amazon  security  internet  spamhaus  cloudflare 
march 2013 by seldo

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