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How to prevent spoofing aka forging - Sendmail
: In sendmail, how to prevent external (outside domain users) persons
: to access the aliases? I have included many mailing lists in terms
: of /etc/aliases but those mailing lists may have the potential to
: be spammed by outsiders. How to do in cf level to reject those
: mails from OUTSIDE domains but to accept from the organizations
: or selected sites?

I implemented the following hack exactly for that purpose when our
internal distribution lists got hit by spam. I'm sure it could be
easily adapted to meet your needs.

Add the following to your m4 master configuration file: ...
sendmail  mta  mailserver  spam  sysadmin 
13 hours ago by dusko
Protecting internal aliases against external e-mail
Last Update 2002-05-02

This example ruleset protects internal aliases against mail from external senders. It uses class w to detect local senders/recipients. Attention: this protection is only based on the address information given in the envelope of the e-mail which can be easily forged.
sendmail  mta  mailserver  spam 
13 hours ago by dusko

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