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RT : Incarcerated Interior Minister, , is the second to testify in the trial at 's Supreme Court. "I don’…
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One person, one click: is this how to save democracy? | Paolo Gerbaudo | World news | The Guardian
The pioneers of digital democracies were the pirate parties of northern Europe who first broke through in Sweden, Germany and Iceland about a decade ago, using an online decision-making platform called LiquidFeedback. One of its founders, Andreas Nitsche, said the idea was that “empowering the ordinary members would make these parties more responsive to the demands of society”.

More recently, the fiercely anti-establishment M5S and the Spanish leftwing populist party Podemos have led the way. “Ordinary citizens will become protagonists, abandoning the current system of delegate democracy in the hands of politicians,” said the late Gianroberto Casaleggio, who masterminded the M5S digital strategy. Given the discredited status of Italy’s political class, this narrative appealed to many citizens.
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Ajacán Mission - Spanish Exploration of the Chesapeake Bay
Early in the 16th century, Spanish explorers were the first recorded Europeans to see the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, which the Spanish called Bahía de Madre de Dios or Bahía de Santa Maria.[3] They were searching for a Northwest Passage to India, and they named the land Ajacán, "Jacán" in Oré.

The Ajacán Mission (also Axaca, Axacam, Iacan, Jacán, Xacan) was a Spanish attempt in 1570 to establish a Jesuit mission in the vicinity of the Virginia Peninsula to bring Christianity to the Virginia Indians. The effort to found St. Mary's Mission predated the founding of the English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, by about 36 years. In February 1571, the entire party was massacred by Indians except Alonso de Olmos. The following year, a Spanish party from Florida went to the area, rescued Alonso, and killed an estimated 20 Indians.
MD  Spain  Colonization  Empire  Chesapeake  Bay  US  History 
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Patterns of genetic differentiation and the footprints of historical migrations in the Iberian Peninsula | Nature Communications
The Iberian Peninsula is linguistically diverse and has a complex demographic history, including a centuries-long period of Muslim rule. Here, we study the fine-scale genetic structure of its population, and the genetic impacts of historical events, leveraging powerful, haplotype-based statistical methods to analyse 1413 individuals from across Spain.
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Fig. 1: | Nature Communications
Patterns of genetic differentiation and the footprints of historical migrations in the Iberian Peninsula
magazine  publishing  science  articles  biology  genetics  demography  maps  history  spain  journal  research 
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Profile of the data journalist in Spain: training, sources and tools
this research offers the results of an open
questionnaire sent to Spanish data journalists that focused the
object of study on three categories: routines and training, the use of
sources, and visualization tools. The main results seem to indicate
that not all media have a specific section of data, that there are
training deficiencies remedied by means of self-learning, that they
use mostly public sources, and that visualizations are developed
with a high level of creative freedom.
Research  dj  Spain 
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Josep Tobella
website of a teacher and expert in screen printing
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