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(Semi-)Plausible Strategies for Moving a Whole Damn Planet |
Thanks to people like D. G. Korycansky, Gregory Laughlin, Fred C. Adams (authors of Astronomical engineering: a strategy for modifying planetary orbits) we have some idea of what moving the Earth might entail. It turns out to be surprisingly reasonable (bearing in mind “it” is moving an entire world literally the size of the Earth): a suitably large intermediate body (a main belt asteroid or a Kuiper Belt Object) is used to transfer momentum from Jupiter to Earth. Jupiter drops a little; the much smaller Earth rises away from the Sun by more. One encounter every six thousand years might be all that’s needed .
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RT : Goes To Outer (Ministry of Hemp Newsletter) -
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I Don’t Believe in Aliens Anymore
The everyday breath of the least of us contains meaning in so concentrated a form that a cup’s worth of it could be doled out to a dozen star systems, transforming the arid matter into a garden of significance.
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Affordable Coworking Space in New York City
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GMAT Wiki Home - GMAT Wiki - GMAT
Do you want to go to Mars but don't know when to leave or how much to bring?   Do you want to land something on the moon?  The General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) is an open-source space mission analysis tool to answer just those  types of questions.  GMAT is developed by a team of NASA, private industry,  public, and private contributors. GMAT is intended both for real-world engineering design studies and as a tool for education and public engagement in the spirit of the NASA Charter.
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Meteor, Comet, and Seagull (Nebula)
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Interstellar Comet ’Oumuamua Might Not Actually Be a Comet | Quanta Magazine
The mystery of ’Oumuamua, the first interstellar object ever observed, continues to deepen. A new analysis argues that if it were a comet, it would have broken apart as it passed near the sun.
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