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Japan’s Hayabusa 2 probe captures close-ups of an asteroid – GeekWire
Our view of Ryugu, a half-mile-wide space rock nearly 180 million miles from Earth, is coming into sharper focus with the approach of the Japanese probe Hayabusa 2.

Three and a half years after its launch, the spacecraft is now within 35 miles of the asteroid, closing in on what’s expected to be a standoff orbital distance of 12 miles. The pictures that it’s been sending back throughout the approach provide enough detail to reveal Ryugu’s blocky shape.

“It looks like… a dango-type asteroid! (Actually, that’s a Japanese sweet dumpling. But the shape seems to be similar so far…),” the mission team tweeted last week.
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1 hour ago by dstelow
Gagarin's Start - Google Maps
A rocket launching from Baikonur Cosmodrome.
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9 hours ago by telharmonium
I upvoted Zeplin 2.0 on Product Hunt: Connected space for product teams with components and more
ProductHunt  Design  Tools  Developer  Connected  space  for  product  teams  with  components  and  more 
14 hours ago by glitchwitch
Colour Space Conversions
Exhaustive guide to different colour spaces, their uses, and conversions between them
colour  rgb  cmyk  cie  space  pdf  mathematics  perception 
19 hours ago by michielbuddingh

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