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Update: Swift response of incident management team helps contain fire quickly at Interwaste
Interwaste has confirmed that a fire, not a chemical explosion, took place at their facility in Germiston on Tuesday.

Kate Stubbs, director of business development and marketing, said, “Interwaste confirms that a fire took place at one of our waste recycling facilities at around 8am this morning.

“Through the quick response of our incident management team, the fire was contained within 20 minutes, prior to the arrival of emergency services.

“Our first priority in all our operations is the safety and well-being of all employees who may be affected directly and indirectly by any incidents.

“Regrettably, four of our employees were injured by the fire this morning.”

Stubbs added that each employee received immediate medical attention from the on-site safety and first aid officers, and were subsequently transported to private medical facilities where they are receiving further treatment.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
The vocabulary of South African English | Oxford Dictionaries
South African English has been influenced by contact with many other languages. Learn more about the unique vocabulary that has flourished as a result.
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11 weeks ago by dicewitch
TAZARA Railway - Wikipedia
Excellent wikipedia article about a railway built by China in the late 70's to give Zambia an export link to the Indian ocean (circumventing Rhodesia and South Africa).
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december 2018 by olepig
4 Workers injured during explosion in Boksburg factory
The City of Ekurhuleni said on Friday that it was investigating the cause of a fire after four workers were injured in a what is thought to be a chemical explosion at a factory in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni

The factory is situated along Main Reef Road, adjacent to Dunswart train station.

William Ntladi, the spokesperson for Ekurhuleni disaster and emergency management services, said that the explosion was heard from a distance. Flames could be seen from far. Some of the 210-litre containers were ejected through the roof of the workshop.

Firefighters from Boksburg Leon Ferreira, Boksburg Central and Rynfield fire stations used five fire engines to contain and douse the flames.

“Four employees were hurt prior to arrival of paramedics and firefighters. One male patient was in a critical state of health due to facial, neck and inhalation burns, and was transported to Glenwood hospital, the other three were in serious but stable conditions due to inhalation and superficial burns around their bodies,” Ntladi said.
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november 2018 by dchas
Four injured in ‘chemical reaction’ fire at Boksburg factory
JOHANNESBURG - Ekurhuleni Emergency Services say they’re investigating the cause of an explosion at a chemical factory in Boksburg.

Four people were seriously injured in the blast that was allegedly caused by a chemical reaction.

Emergency management services spokesperson William Ntladi says all four victims were rushed to a hospital.

Ntladi says there are many substances in that area that could have caused the accident.

“The 210-litre drum containers, which were inside the workshop where the ones which physically ripped off the roof of the workshop. We managed to contain and sustain everything, and the fire was extinguished,” Ntladi said.
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november 2018 by dchas
'We've jumped from one holocaust to another' - The Globe and Mail

South african actress Leleti Khumalo who starred in the film Yesterday. She portrayed a Zulu woman who contracts HIV. Very good film. Very sensitive acting. I fell in love with the character. She was also in Hotel Rwanda and played the leading role in Sarafina
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august 2018 by jerryking

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