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djbsort: Intro
New constant time (relative to array size) sort algorithm using AVX2 for int32
algorithm  sort  sorting  performance  AVX2  opensource  programming  development 
8 days ago by asteroza
DataTables jQuery Plug-In Makes HTML Tables Interactive
This open-source jQuery plug-in makes HTML tables interactive: Pagination, Column Sort, Fit in Container, lots more. I've been wishing I could find something like this forever. Maybe I'll apply this to, for example, some of the tables of fuel consumption in my flying travelogs. If so, I'll surely donate to the project!

Noticed the Compulab web site using this plug-in.
javascript  jquery  plugin  table  datatables  opensource  interactive  sort  pagination 
9 days ago by sbw
geolib - npm
Library to perform geo specific tasks
geography  geolocation  sort  javascript  webdev 
10 days ago by jake101
RT : V8 v6.8 performance boosts:

🚀 array destructuring
🚤 Object.assign
⚡ TypedArray
🏎 WebAssembly…
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28 days ago by dshaw
SethMMorton/natsort: Simple yet flexible natural sorting in Python.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
data-science  sort  sorting  package  via:pinboard:reddit:webarchieve  extra  excess  library 
5 weeks ago by Spark
segmentio/ksuid: K-Sortable Globally Unique IDs
ksuid is a Go library that can generate and parse KSUIDs

"we can query by a single job ID, as well as sort by the time that the job was created with a single index"

"It's a way to generate globally unique IDs similar to RFC 4122 UUIDs, but contain a time component so they can be "roughly" sorted by time of creation. The remainder of the KSUID is randomly generated bytes."

"Unlike the more common choice of UUIDv4, KSUIDs contain a timestamp component that allows them to be roughly sorted by generation time. This is obviously not a strong guarantee as it depends on wall clocks, but is still incredibly useful."
UUID  sort  creation  date  go  library  create  generate  generation  parse  global  unique  ID 
6 weeks ago by ebouchut

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