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Video Transvoder at F-Droid
Do you want to encode videos on your phone into different formats, trim videos, or extract audio? Are you looking for a free solution which will not take your information? Video Transcoder is an application which uses the open source program FFmpeg to transcode video files from one format to another. By selecting the video to process, details for the video are provided and the desired settings can be configured.
software  videos  conversion  encoding  android  open-source 
2 hours ago by mikael
More synthetic bamboo! The greatest preset sounds in pop music | Music | The Guardian
“Whether a pop classic or a royalty-free instrumental from YouTube, collage, rewriting, quotations, sometimes thieving a melody – all that is at the heart of a thousand songs that I love. Debate about the purity of creation is void; we live in a society that spits and digests, and pop music is an impure space. That’s precisely why I love it.”
music  culture  software  creativity  creativecommons  pop  popmusic 
3 hours ago by allaboutgeorge
Golang library for audio.
software  golang  audio 
3 hours ago by rjkroege
Beaker Browser
A browser for the next-generation Web
Beaker is an experimental browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web.
4web-warriors4web-warriors  internet-control  internet-freedom  internet-security  privacy  software  web-broken  web-browser  web-browser-beaker  format-website  type-information 
6 hours ago by tometaxu
BeakerBrowser ~ on Twitter
An experimental browser with a p2p protocol (@dat_project). Decentralize the Web!

Twitter | | retr 15 aug 2018
4web-warriors  internet-control  internet-freedom  internet-security  privacy  software  web-broken  web-browser  web-browser-beaker  format-twitter-account  type-information 
6 hours ago by tometaxu
VA Software Document Library -
Welcome to the VA Software Document Library! This web site has documentation on the various nationally released software applications created and/or used by the VA in its mission to provide the best service to our nation's veterans.
VA  IDSI  Software 
7 hours ago by wardell

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