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Extreme Enthusiasm » Blog Archive » No Frameworks, Part 1
You also start to see other wasteful activities. When a framework does not do what you want, there is often not a lot of reasoning you can do. The framework is too complex for you to debug it; the documentation is too vast, or too incomplete, and you know from experience that looking there is not likely to provide a solution quickly. So you go to Stackoverflow and hope that someone else has solved your problem. Then you try a possible solution, and if it does not work, you try another. All of this is, of course, pure waste, borne from the fact that you are using complex frameworks that may behave in unforeseen ways.
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21 hours ago by ble
I mean they define & use Standard Operating Environments, similar to what's described in this PayPal article

Nick Coghlan citing my article as to why Python should include provisional APIs directly to the language/stdlib (selectors, statistics, asyncio)
python  software  mine 
21 hours ago by mahmoud
an application that allows you to quickly view and manage disk space usage and speed up your Mac
mac  osx  software  storage  tools 
21 hours ago by lpalli
Buy Capture One Pro
Single-user with 3 workstations
EUR 279 / USD 299 (+ VAT)
RAW  software  photography  workflow 
22 hours ago by dominomaster
Wekinator | Software for real-time, interactive machine learning
The Wekinator allows users to build new interactive systems by demonstrating human actions and computer responses, instead of writing programming code.
art  music  software  ai 
23 hours ago by kerolic
The Mathematical Genius of Auto-Tune
“When you’re processing pitch, you add wave cycles to go sharp, and subtract them when you go flat. With autocorrelation, you have a clearly identifiable event that tells you what the period of repetition for repeated peak values is. It’s never fooled by the changing waveform. It’s very elegant.”
music  software  mathematics  computing 
23 hours ago by soobrosa
Five essential apps to track your spending, save money, and pay your friends - The Verge
"The spending tracker has a particularly clever design. Clarity will show you how much you spent on several categories by week, month, or year: Uber, Lyft, Starbucks, and Amazon are among the big expenses that Clarity can show you at a glance. I’m also taken with its colorful categorized spending charts: tap a section of the chart to examine the spending category and the chart will transform with new illustrations related to the category."
budgeting  finance  verge  2017  reviews  comparison  apps  software  ios 
yesterday by handcoding
Are You a Hacker or a Designer?
From hackers to designers in software development evolution
programming  software  design  optimization  clean  teamwork  management 
yesterday by ebarbeito

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