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Waste Warriors India on Twitter
the official twitter account.
last tweet in may 2017.

Twitter | | retr 18 oct 2017
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Waste Warriors
A voluntary organisation and registered society committed to cleaning up India.

Waste Warriors | | retr 18 oct 2017
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The Big Picture: Defending Society | Public Books
Freedom has many possible permutations. Its neoliberal variant reduces to the absence of coercion, especially by the state but also by anyone or anything with the power to enforce its rules or norms. For Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, and other postwar neoliberal intellectuals, uncoerced action is freedom’s only meaning. All other meanings—freedom as emancipation from powers of domination, freedom as capacity, and freedom as participation in popular sovereignty—are simply nonsense from their point of view.

Rather, when the claim “society does not exist” becomes common sense, it renders invisible the inequality and social norms generated by legacies of slavery or patriarchy. It permits the effective political disenfranchisement (and not only the suffering) produced by homelessness, lack of education, and health care. Freedom without society destroys the lexicon by which freedom is made democratic, paired with social consciousness, and nested in political equality. It makes liberty a pure instrument of power, shorn of concern for others, the world, or the future.
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Real Life | Living with technology
essay-based online journal/mag about living in/with technology
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(4002) Russell Brand​ in conversation with Dr. Drew​ Pinsky at Live Talks Los Angeles - YouTube
turned from citizen into addicted selfish schnell denkende (Daniel Kahneman) consumers (superficial, enslaved, became addicted, enabling reinforcing class structure, subconscious influenced propaganda style (Adam Curtis) - trapped, fetishised, buying self-worth). -VS- service (and care) to yourself and others (permanent, sustainable, conscious).
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The Problem with the #MeToo Campaign
"The problem is not that women have trouble considering themselves victims of sexual violence, but that men have trouble considering themselves the aggressor."
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agrupación fotografica valenciana actividades y cursos de fotografia y photoshop en valencia exposiciones concursos plató
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Guns, And Why Lemonade Is Taking A Stand | Lemonade Blog
Insurance Company and their stance on gun coverage in their policy.
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Index - Gazdaság - Ne vásárolj hazait!
A kereskedelmi útvonalak kereszteződésében eszmék találkoznak, az egymással harcoló szokások és hitek felőrlik egymást; a diverzitás konfliktust, összevetést és gondolatokat szül; a babonák kioltják egymást és kezdetét veszi az értelem.
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Manipulation : TED Radio Hour : NPR
Learn how hightech has unintended consequences that negatively affect your community and family--and are the root cause of most social & political problems today
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