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Who will really benefit from Warren’s student debt plan? - The Washington Post
Which brings me to my next question: How is Warren going to prevent the overcrowding and deteriorating conditions that tend to afflict free university systems in Europe? The United States has the best tertiary education system in the world; will it still be the best when Warren is done with it?...But the biggest question I have is simply: Why spend federal money on this? College graduates are the best-off people in the country, in almost every way. There are probably better candidates for new spending — about two-thirds of the population, in fact.
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yesterday by HispanicPundit
(1) Why and How Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed (Part 1) | LinkedIn
"I think that most capitalists don’t know how to divide the economic pie well and most socialists don’t know how to grow it well"
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3 days ago by linguafranca
(How) American Collapse Resembles Soviet Collapse – Eudaimonia and Co
If I was to tell you there was a society in which longevity, real incomes, savings — not to mention, happiness, meaning, trust, and democracy itself — were all shrinking at record pace, what would you say? I’d say it was collapsing — whether or not its people knew it, or wanted to know it. Yesterday, that society was the Soviet Union. Today, it’s America. And it strikes me that these two collapses are eerily similar in many ways.
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5 days ago by msszczep
Spiked -- The madness of David Lammy by Brendan O'Neill
'...Mr Lammy’s latest meltdown – and that really isn’t too strong a word for his obsessive hatred for Brexit – came on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One on Sunday. Marr asked Lammy if his previous comparison of the European Research Group (ERG) to the old racist rulers of South Africa and even to the Nazis had been a little over the top. The ERG is the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party. It has never enforced or supported apartheid of any kind, far less has it propagated Nazi ideas, so Marr’s question was a good one. Mr Lammy’s response was extraordinary. Not only did he double down on his foul Holocaust relativism by continuing to compare the present political situation with the most criminal political regime in human history – he pushed it even further by saying his comparison of the ERG to the Nazis was ‘not strong enough’. -- Not strong enough. Think about what is being said here. Mr Lammy is saying he was actually being too soft when he said Jacob Rees-Mogg and Co were like the Nazis. He is saying they are worse than the Nazis. These Conservative MPs who are favourable towards Brexit and critical of the EU are worse than the dictators who vaporised six million Jews and spread war, terror and fascist authoritarianism across Europe. What madness is this? Lammy told Marr that people who back a hard Brexit – otherwise known as actual Brexit – are promoting ‘extreme hard-right fascism’. ‘I’m not backing off on this one’, he said, as if standing by your hysterical, elitist libel against certain politicians and Brexit supporters more broadly is evidence of backbone and principle, when in truth it is evidence of your increasing vacation of the realm of reason and your corresponding inability to make any kind of rational moral judgement. -- There is so much wrong with Mr Lammy’s exploitation of the greatest horrors of human history to score points against Brexit and its parliamentary backers. -- ... Mr Lammy inflames – whether wittingly or not – the poisonous online culture in which Leave voters are casually referred to as dumb, old, extremist imbeciles. He helps to whip up – whether wittingly or not – a real and frazzled loathing for certain politicians with his implication that these politicians are worse than the Nazis. He deepens – whether wittingly or not – that divide that has been magicked up post-referendum between a supposedly responsible, clever elite and an ignorant, dangerous throng. I don’t know a single Brexiteer who has done as much to green-light political hatred as Mr Lammy has. -- If this was just a case of one politician losing it, it wouldn’t be worth commenting on. But Mr Lammy’s abandonment of political reason and historical rationalism speaks to a broader fraying of sense among the political establishment. We are now ruled by people who have been so rattled by Brexit, so taken aback by the plebs’ demand for a greater say in political affairs, that they are behaving in an increasingly unhinged and openly anti-democratic way. This is the final irony: they look at ordinary people and see a mad, unthinking throng, not realising that when we look back at them we see the exact same thing. The only difference is that we have evidence for what we see.' -- SJWs always lie. SJWs always double down. SJWs always project. ~ The Three Laws of SJWs
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5 days ago by adamcrowe
Twitter -- @StefanMolyneux: "This is the Left ..."
'Can’t win an election? Investigate and attempt impeachment! / Can’t compete with satirical memes? Ban them! / Can’t win an audience online? Deplatform others! / Can’t answer an argument? Slander! / Can’t give a good speech? Silence those who can / It ends with bodies'
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6 days ago by adamcrowe

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