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“A version of Brexit has ALREADY HAPPENED”: Rob Delaney, austerity, and our warped news agenda
When a Tory-led government was elected in 2010, it brought in an austerity agenda that has now more than halved council spending on public services. This is all while the costs of social care are going up.
Real-terms spending on adult social care fell by 5.8% from 2010–17, and English councils were expected to cut nearly 5% of the total budget in 2018/19. This is at the same time as rising demand: the number of people in need of care aged 65 and over increased by 14.3% from 2010–17, and the number of adults with learning disabilities rose by around 20% in 2009–14.
It is telling that Chancellor Philip Hammond made no mention of fixing the social care crisis in his Spring Statement, other than yet again referring to the long-awaited spending review that has yet to signal a new funding model and more money desperately needed in local government. As social care is a legal duty of local government, it is soaking up a vanishing pool of money for other services that can lessen the burden on social care services in the first place.
Delaney’s claim that “A version of fucking Brexit has ALREADY HAPPENED to the poor, elderly & disabled in this country” is particularly striking.

In terms of the economic and social devastation and uncertainty Brexit’s detractors fear it will bring, this apocalyptic picture is already a reality for some families and communities across the country – as a result of austerity. No wonder horror stories about the catastrophe of no deal fail to land.
Equally, the failings of the new welfare system Universal Credit – part of austerity, by cutting benefits – would be a “version of Brexit” in terms of media attention; a huge, costly, poorly-planned public policy disaster.

This isn’t to say Brexit should be covered any less, but rather its coverage, and the public, would benefit from more of an understanding of how Britain is quietly falling apart at the seams. This situation, after all, was part of what drove the Leave vote in the first place.
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12 days ago by owenblacker
Working at Active Assistance: Employee Reviews |
Offered a 20 hour contract after working for the company for over two years. I accepted. Four years down the line and they've removed my contract. Put me on zero hours without speaking to me, taken me off my usual shift patterns and completely messed up my life hence the job hunt. The office do not care about their clients they just care if there is a body to fill in shifts or any gaps in the rota. A lot of the PAs sent to work on packages that are unable to communicate effectively because they cannot speak English.
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8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Nick Timothy is wrong – he is the one who killed Brexit, not Theresa May
I know that looking for self-awareness from Nick Timothy is like looking for moral philosophy from a cow, but hang about: “the week that Brexit was finally killed” was the week of 18 May 2017: when Theresa May launched her manifesto, a politically toxic document that insulted the young, offended the elderly and alienated the middle-aged. The most damaging policy of all was that concerning social care: one authored by Nick Timothy, the object of concern to his co-chief, Fiona Hill, and the then health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The damage that did to Theresa May’s popularity and to the Conservative campaign was decisive in the election result – which returned a Parliament which will only be able to agree a Norway-type Brexit. That is the clear and inescapable truth of every serious post-mortem of what happened to the Conservative Party in the final weeks of the campaign.

The reason why May can't make this argument personally is that it means returning to the scene of the crime: telling Conservative MPs that not only did her maladroit conduct of the 2017 campaign cost them their majority and the careers of their colleagues and friends, but that it locks them into a Brexit trajectory in which the only available exits are ones that most Conservative MPs fear will be politically disastrous. But if Nick Timothy wants to identify the week that Brexit was “killed”, he should look to the past: and if he wants to know the culprit, he should look in the mirror.
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december 2018 by petej
RT : On show Matt Hancock not seeming to grasp the scale of the workforce problem facing the sector -…
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october 2018 by stuartberry1
10,000 children in care went missing last year amid concerns they are being exploited and abused
New figures from the Department for Education disclosed for the first time that the authorities lost track of one in 10 children in care in 2017, with some going missing more over a month.
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october 2018 by paulbradshaw
RT : Did you get the chance to read Pam Darroch's tips on leadership in yet? Find it here:…
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