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How Twitter endangered a Saudi activist after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
"Twitter, the platform that once saved my life, is now putting it in danger. The events in the weeks following Jamal Khashoggi’s murder inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul showed that the lives of other journalists and activists are also at risk. Seven years after Twitter saved me, I recently made the choice to delete my Twitter account...Twitter has became full of harassment, death threats, intimidation and false news for us who have chosen to speak out in the Arab world. Twitter has not enacted any real change in making Twitter safer for us, which has pushed so many I know to quit the platform. Still, I continued to voice my views there. I believed that those governments should be the ones to be afraid, not us. I believed that I finally had a voice, and that I should use it." - Manal al-Sharif for the Washington Post
saudiarabia  twitter  social  speech  safety  mena  foe 
13 hours ago by dmcdev
How to Use IFTTT as a Social Media Scheduler | Petals to Picots
Although this particular post on how to use IFTTT as a social media scheduler may only be of interest to other bloggers and marketers, IFTTT definitely has functions that can help automate repetitive tasks for just about anyone.
14 hours ago by a2jimenez
The Open Graph protocol
The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.
social  markup  protocol  facebook 
18 hours ago by gregstenson
Facebook’s Tipping Point of Bad Behavior?
This transcends merely awful into truly evil.
social  media 
18 hours ago by pb
Opinion | Operation Infektion: A three-part video series on Russian disinformation - The New York Times
Russia’s meddling in the United States’ elections is not a hoax. It’s the culmination of Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart. “Operation InfeKtion” reveals the ways in which one of the Soviets’ central tactics — the promulgation of lies about America — continues today, from Pizzagate to George Soros conspiracies. Meet the KGB spies who conceived this virus and the American truth squads who tried — and are still trying — to fight it. Countries from Pakistan to Brazil are now debating reality, and in Vladimir Putin’s greatest triumph, Americans are using Russia’s playbook against one another without the faintest clue.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fake  news  deepfake  deep  Brexit  AfD  Russia  Putin  PEGIDA  Facebook  Social  Media 
yesterday by asterisk2a
François Poullain de la Barre - Wikipedia
"(...) Initially studying theology, Poullain de la Barre adopted the philosophy of Descartes. He became a priest in the Champagne area before converting to Protestantism. After the Edict of Fontainebleau revoked the Edict of Nantes, he was exiled in the Republic of Geneva, where he obtained the citizenship (bourgeoisie) in 1716.[1]

He applied Cartesian principles to the question of women and wrote many texts of social philosophy which denounced injustice against woman and by the inequality of the female condition. Opposing the discrimination they experienced and as one of the champions of social equality between women and men, he is a precursor of the feminists.

In 1673, he published "On the equality of the two sexes: a physical and moral discourse in which is seen the importance of undoing prejudice in oneself," the first of three feminist works. He argues that the inequality in the treatment that women experience does not have a natural basis, but proceeds from cultural prejudice. He recommends that women receive a true education and also says all careers should be open to them, including scientific careers. (...)"
women  philosophy  social  study  france  history  gender  equality 
yesterday by eric.brechemier
Iran Poised to Allow Military Full Control Over Internet, Messaging Apps
"After repeated denials by Iranian officials about the existence of a bill that would allow an elite branch of the Iranian army to control and monitor all internet content, activities and messaging apps in the country, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has obtained a copy of the pending legislation. Allowing the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GSAF)—which operates under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and is directed by a commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)—to control the country’s internet infrastructure would put millions of Iranians at risk of prosecution for various online activities including accessing content on a banned social media app." - Center for Human Rights in Iran
otf  iran  mena  surveillance  privacy  social  messaging 
yesterday by dmcdev
Vietnamese pop star Mai Khoi urges Facebook to halt censorship
"At the Oslo Freedom Forum in Taipei, Khoi opened her talk with a performance of her song 'Vietnam,' which urged her fellow citizens to 'step out from the fear' and 'raise our voice, speak, sing, scream.' Now 34 years old, Khoi is trying to use her celebrity to pressure Facebook to stop complying with, and instead push back against, government censorship. The singer said she became disenchanted with Vietnamese pop music because of how artists would censor themselves, leading her to spend time with the country’s dissident artists. One of them persuaded Khoi to use her platform to run as an independent candidate for Vietnam’s national assembly in 2016. She was eventually barred from the ballot, and used that publicity to get a sit down with then US president Barack Obama when he was in the country that year. 'Just as I thought things were starting to get better, freedom of expression is under threat now,' she said. 'Before the internet, we had nowhere to go and express ourselves freely. The government controlled everything. The advent of the internet and social media changed it.'" - Alice Truong, Quartz
otf  vietnam  asia  facebook  social  censorship  access  SoutheastAsia 
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