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AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup
Post on Beth Kanter's blog, December 28th, 2018. "Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about AI for Social Good and Nonprofits. [...] We are tracking reports, articles, and new items about AI and Social Good. Here’s this month’s roundup."
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1 hour ago by kmo
Academic turns city into a social experiment – Harvard Gazette
Mockus’ seemingly wacky notions have a respectable intellectual pedigree. His measures were informed by, among others, Nobel Prize-winning economist Douglass North, who has investigated the tension between formal and informal rules, and Jürgen Habermas’ work on how dialogue creates social capital. (Staff photos Jon Chase/Harvard News Office)

His presentation made it clear that the most effective campaigns combine material incentives with normative change and participatory stakeholding. He is a most engaging, almost pixieish math professor, not a stuffy ‘mayor’ at all. The students were enchanted, as was I.”
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10 hours ago by craniac
Study Repressed For Finding Trans Kids May Be Social Contagion
'Rapid-onset gender dysphoria' may be a social contagion linked with having friends who identify as LGBT and internet use, finds a Brown study.
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13 hours ago by pankkake
How to Improve Your YouTube Video Exposure: 6 Useful Tools : Social Media Examiner
Want more people to watch your YouTube videos? Wondering how to outrank your competitors in YouTube search? In this article, you’ll learn how to use six tools that can help you get the eyeballs you’ve always wanted.
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15 hours ago by williger
The magical world of Pleroma, setting up your instance. - -- blog about i2p and other stuff
This little blog post will guide a user through installing pleroma on a "$3 instance" as suggested by lain. First, what is pleroma? Pleroma is an OStatus and ActivityPub compatable server, a component of the fediverse of which GNU Social and Mastodon belong to as well. Think if twitter was structued how email is. With Email you have many different servers, yahoo mail, gmail, aol, (etc) that all can send mail to each other but are owned by different entities, the thing they have in co...
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Casel Secondary Guide Beta
CASEL Guide Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs Middle and High School Edition Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
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yesterday by bdwc
In the early years, CASEL was an entirely volunteer group of educators and researchers committed to advancing social and emotional learning. With support from the Fetzer Institute and Surdna Foundation, the group met periodically to discuss new directions in the field of social and emotional learning and ways to build and strengthen CASEL as an organization.

Many of the original Leadership Team members still work closely with CASEL. Many others continue as leaders in the SEL field. The identifications below refer to the professional involvements of the Leadership Team members at the time when they met regularly.

Sheldon Berman, Superintendent of Schools, Hudson, MA
Patricia Caesar, President and CEO, Caesar Consulting Group
Maurice Elias, Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University
Daniel Goleman, CASEL co-founder, author of Emotional Intelligence
Mark T. Greenberg, Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development, Penn State University
Eileen R. Growald, Venture Philanthropist
Norris M. Haynes, Professor of Counseling and School Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University
Janice Jackson, Assistant Professor, Lynch School of Education, Boston College
Linda Lantieri, Director, Inner Resilience Program
Beverly Benson Long, Immediate Past President, World Federation for Mental Health
JoAnn B. Manning, Vice President of Program Implementation, Platform Learning
Mary Utne O’Brien, Research Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
Janet Patti, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Hunter College
Terry Pickeral, Executive Director, National Center for Learning and Citizenship, Education Commission of the States
Timothy P. Shriver, Chair, Special Olympics
David J. Sluyter, Senior Advisor, Fetzer Institute
Herbert J. Walberg, Professor Emeritus, Education and Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Roger P. Weissberg, Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
Joseph E. Zins, Professor, College of Education, University of Cincinnati
Learn more about CASEL’s history here and important milestones here.
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