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Mirror, mirror | Seth's Blog
If you're fortunate enough to have a selfie with President Obama, with Bono or with Sarah Jones, what do you look at when you look at the picture? Do you focus on the tie he was wearing, or her earrings? Or are you worried about the bit of parsley that was in your teeth or the ridiculous jacket you were wearing that day?

We like to see.

But mostly, we're worried about being seen.

We spend far more time looking at ourselves in sunglasses than anyone else ever will.

And social media might appear to be about seeing what others are doing. But it's actually about our juxtaposition with those others, our standing, our status… The reason we want to know what people are saying behind our backs isn't because we care about them, it's because we care about us.

The culture of celebrity that came with TV has shifted. It's no longer about hoping for a glimpse of a star. It's back to the source–hoping for a glimpse of ourselves, ourselves being seen.
seth-godin  life-advice  social-media  millenials  inner-game 
19 hours ago by lwhlihu
What Kanye West can teach us about passcodes – Naked Security
social-media, warnings = Watch out you aren't showing your password when shooting video for social media. Reminds me of when the British Army cyber security HQ was on the news, their passwords were seen on video, pinned to a corkboard. Uhoh... !
celebrities  security-computer  passwords  social-media  warnings 
19 hours ago by daguti
Why I Left My Big Fancy Tech Job and Wrote a Book – The Big Disruption – Medium
I don’t really think the management teams at Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, or Amazon wake up each morning thinking about how to steal more user data or drive us all out of our jobs. Those are real consequences, but not the root cause. Rather, it’s the desperation to stay on top and avoid being relegated to a dusty corner of the Computer History Museum that pushes these companies into further and further reaches of our lives.
3 days ago by hearvox
Social Media, from a persons perspective | Orkpiraten
The upside of all this was always the same: Technology connected me to new topics and interesting people. That is what the Internet and especially Social Media is for me: A tool to get me introduced to new things and people.
6 days ago by jchris
Mastodon instances
Let me help you choose an instance
I will ask you a few questions about your needs, then I will show you instances that best suit these.

You may skip any step by keeping default options if you want to.
Mastodon  social-media 
9 days ago by kOoLiNuS
Your phone is trying to control your life - YouTube
clickybait title, but nice to hear Tristan Harris speak about the Persuasive Design class at Stanford, especially from a former Google design ethicist
nice-thinking  social-media 
9 days ago by mozzarella
How do you stay connected if you quit social media? - YouTube
Joshua discusses the benefits of living without social media with author Shawn Mihalik
minimalism  social-media  video  youtube 
10 days ago by kogakure

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