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‘The gilets jaunes are unstoppable’ - spiked
Technically, our globalised economic model performs well. It produces a lot of wealth. But it doesn’t need the majority of the population to function. It has no real need for the manual workers, labourers and even small-business owners outside of the big cities. Paris creates enough wealth for the whole of France, and London does the same in Britain. But you cannot build a society around this.
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6 days ago by frederikmarain
All these facts are scientific findings open to inspection. Yet our friends the socialists reject them out of hand, not because
the scientific findings are wrong they do not fit with the heart of a 16-year old. The rejection of the evidence is on a par with Donald Trump denying climate change, and Orbán claiming that Syrian refugees want to settle in Hungary and learn Hungarian.
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MSI - Events
MSI Doctoral Seminar (Pre-Defense) by Matthias Staessens
Title: “Essays on Social Entrepreneurship” c611
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Successfully creating and scaling a sustainable social enterprise model under uncertainty : the case of ViaVia Travellers Cafés
Successfully creating and scaling a sustainable social enterprise model under uncertainty : the case of ViaVia Travellers Cafés
18 days ago by frederikmarain
Milanovic.indd - challenge_proofs.pdf
only if
there were no peer groups—that is, if there were no society—would
inequality be irrelevant and would only our own income matter for
our welfare
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23 days ago by frederikmarain
All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain at Work - Wikipedia
Joanna Biggs
work in Britain has changed since the 2008 debt crisis and the idea that good work brings a good life no longer holds.[1] Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent describes it as a "devastating study of why capitalism isn't working"
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The world’s most unproductive entrepreneur | Andrew Batson's Blog
Low’s tale also made me recall the distinction that William Baumol made between productive and unproductive entrepreneurs, in a famous 1990 article:
-> SE op continuum tussen onproductief entrenpreneurship en (sociaal) productief entrpreneurship???
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The border between creation and cataclysm | The Enlightened Economist
Colin (a colleague of mine on the Natural Capital Committee) thinks that for the most part big companies deserve their dismal reputation: “The interests of the corporation have progressively diverged from those of the societies in which they operate.”
The book pins the blame squarely on the Milton Friedman doctrine that companies sole aim should be maximising shareholder value,
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7 weeks ago by frederikmarain
The best job market paper I have seen so far this year - Marginal REVOLUTION
The process by which individuals become entrepreneurs is often described as a decisive moment of transition, yet it necessarily involves a series of smaller steps. This study examines how human capital and social capital are accumulated and deployed in the earliest stages of the entrepreneurial transition in the setting of “user entrepreneurship.” Using the unique dataset from Ravelry—the Facebook of knitters
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11 weeks ago by frederikmarain

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