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History of computer design: Macintosh IIcx
Corporate" Snow White established the appearance of the Macintosh throughout the late 1980s. However, with frogdesign no longer used by Apple, the design language was adapted instead by Apple's own designers to new products. The first of such "Snow White 'skin jobs'" was by Gavin Ivester, an apprentice working at Apple while finishing an industrial design degree at San Jose State University. He was the youngest industrial designer ever to complete a shipped product (Kunkel, 61). This expresses the fallen emphasis on design at Apple during the years that products were guided by Jean-Louis Gassée, but also indicates the resilience and clarity of the Snow White language. Apple could easily follow the guidelines set by frogdesign until the use of Snow White became stale or filtered into other computer companies' products.
gavinivester  design  apple  personaggi  spunti  mac  macintosh  jeanlouisgassee  sda  soa 
12 days ago by nicoladagostino
dotnet/tye: Tye is a tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and the ability to deploy microservices to Kuberne
Tye is a tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and the ability to deploy microservices to Kubernetes with minimal configuration. - dotnet/tye
c#  opensource  programming  microservices  soa  architecture  tooling 
13 days ago by madscene
Data on the Outside versus Data on the Inside - PDF
This paper proposes there are a number of seminal differences between data inside a service and data sent into the space outside of the service boundary. We then consider objects, SQL, and XML as different representations of data.
architecture  paper  academic_paper  distributed-computing  soa  datamodeling 
19 days ago by madscene
How to test Microservices with Consumer-Driven Contracts? - By Mateusz Sokola
Consumer-driven contracts (with tools like Pact) seems to be a way to fit a contract-mediated microservice architecture into a environment with mostly dynamic- and test-driven validation.
contracts  services  microservices  validation  pact  soa  static  types 
9 weeks ago by michielbuddingh
SmartyKit — SmartyKit - Computer Construction Kit
SmartyKit 1 is a set of electronic components with which you can assemble Apple I-compatible computer. No soldering.
woz  applei  spunti  sda  soa  wishlist 
12 weeks ago by nicoladagostino
Tim Cook getting award for Apple's 40 years of investment in Ireland
Apple is to be honored with an award from Ireland's Taoiseach, or prime minister, Leo Varadkar, when Tim Cook visits Dublin later this month. It's in recognition of how Apple has continuously invested in the country for four decades.
irlanda  europa  apple  storia  spunti  sda  soa 
12 weeks ago by nicoladagostino
replacing the pearl in the clamshell. DIY iBook G3 Clamshell G4 CPU upgrade | MacRumors Forums
Successfully swapped the G3 PPC750L in a first generation iBook G3 clamshell for a G4 7410, running at 300 MHz.
hack  cpu  g3  g4  ibook  spunti  sda  soa  hardware 
january 2020 by nicoladagostino
Eventide Project
Microservices, Autonomous Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Event Sourcing Toolkit for Ruby
with Support for Event Store and Postgres
ruby  microservices  soa  events  postgres  messaging  queue 
december 2019 by maxclark

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