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knqyf263/pet: Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go.
Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go. - knqyf263/pet
type:tool  dotfiles  cli  snippet  manager 
5 days ago by endorama
snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-)
generator  vscode  coding  snippet 
7 days ago by Glutnix
How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim | Gilles Castel
This guy uses VIM with some plugins to take notes in LaTeX in real time. It's pretty amazing stuff.
vim  latex  math  snippet  plugin 
4 weeks ago by brentfarwick
30 seconds · GitHub
The team behind 30-seconds-of-code and official 30-seconds projects. - 30 seconds
npm  nodejs  repository  code  javascript  snippet 
5 weeks ago by markav
GitHub - 30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code: A curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
A curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less. - 30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code
javascript  github  30-seconds-of-code  example  snippet 
5 weeks ago by markav
AppleScript: Essential Sub-Routines
Visit for in-depth information and materials regarding automation in Mac OS X.
code  sub-routine  applescript  example  snippet 
5 weeks ago by markav
Minimal Google Analytics Snippet | Minimal Analytics
A simple snippet for tracking page views on your website without having to add external libraries. Also works for single page applications made with the likes of react and vue.js.
code  google  analytics  snippet  minimal 
6 weeks ago by javajunky
NoelDeMartin/soukai-solid snippet
Attempt at generic crud for interacting with solid api. Used by orm lib
snippet  solid 
6 weeks ago by cldwalker
Code to go
Receive newly added use cases directly in your inbox
learning  resources  snippet  snippets  programming 
7 weeks ago by dholland
45+ Excellent Code Snippet Resources and Repositories — Smashing Magazine
The beauty of **code snippets** is their ability to save you time when developing a site. Whether you keep a file with your own often-reused snippets or turn to one of the many online repositories, snippets can really speed up your site development.
There are plenty of places online to find code snippets and **get answers to your coding questions**. And many of these places let you upload your own snippets, either for personal use or to share with the community. They can also be a great place to find inspiration if you're trying to figure out the best approach for any aspect of your site's development.
Be sure to check out some of our previous articles:
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* [45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience](
* [10 Advanced PHP Tips Revisited](
* [70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques](
* [70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding](
code  repository  example  snippet 
7 weeks ago by markav

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