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Browser detection using the user agent
"When considering using the user agent string to detect which browser is being used, your first step is to try to avoid it if possible. Start by trying to identify why you want to do it."
userAgent  sniffing 
july 2018 by nhoizey
5 Reasons Why Browser Sniffing Stinks
"Browser sniffing is the act of detecting the web browser a visitor is using in order to serve version-specific pages, scripts, images, or other content. The technique was popular around 10 years ago because Microsoft and Netscape introduced their own technologies and web standards were in their infancy. In those dark days, it was fairly common to write two or more client-side scripts to implement identical functionality in different browsers."
userAgent  sniffing 
july 2018 by nhoizey
User Agent parsing: how it works and how it can be used
"Some people have a bad impression of User Agent parsing due to its role in what is known as User-Agent sniffing. To understand why using the User-Agent sometimes gets a bad rap, we need to go back to the 1990s and a period referred to as the browser wars.  Before we get into the history, it is worth stating upfront that User-Agent parsing is used by many of top web companies today to cater to different device classes."
userAgent  sniffing 
july 2018 by nhoizey
Lest We Forget (Or How I Learned What’s So Bad About Browser Sniffing)
"the many assumptions inherent to doing UA sniffing, combined with the proliferation of different userAgent strings on the web (in particular on mobile), would only create increased challenges going forward into the future, and make our code increasingly difficult to maintain"
userAgent  sniffing 
july 2018 by nhoizey
Browser Detection is Bad
"The whole reason that web standards exist is so that we don't have to write specific code for specific environments. We should write code that adheres to established standards and software in charge of displaying our code should display it as the standards dictate."
userAgent  sniffing 
july 2018 by nhoizey
webkit: limit user agent versioning to an upper bound
"Stop reporting more recent user agent version strings, freezing the version at a specific moment in time. We should do this for a number of reasons: (1) User Agent sniffing is a terrible way to determine whether a browser supports certain features. (2) Bad User Agent sniffing code on the web create compatibility problems every time we update the versions. (3) Overly-specific version information provides useful fingerprinting data while providing almost no user benefit."
userAgent  sniffing  webkit  Safari  browser  clevermarks 
april 2018 by nhoizey
NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, system utilities, desktop utilities
NirSoft web site provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by Nir Sofer.
software  free  windows  utilities  util  password  network  sniffing  rtsp 
april 2018 by Tknvbe
Fitbit Sniffing and Firmware Hacking
If you walked into a gym and asked to sniff exercise equipment you would get some mighty strange looks. If you tell hackers you’ve sniffed a Fitbit, you might be asked to give a presentation.
CCC  Fitbit  Hacking  Sniffing 
december 2017 by parkrocker

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